Why Italy will Not Make It (part 3, scroll back to read the parts 1 and 2)

Why Italy will Not Make It (part 3, scroll back to read the parts 1 and 2)

Well, the road to hell is paved of good intentions, and changing everything in order not to change anything, is the ‘perfect strategy’ of mafio-catholicism, they have done so insulting our intelligence for two thousand years, damn romans that ran out of lions.

Your problems, (not necessarily in order of appearance:)

1) A quackery of parody of a religion, managed like a mafia racket, that has ‘fucked up’ the brains of people in ‘believing’ unreasonable and stupid idiocy, no grown up person would believe in, IOW ‘indoctrination in catholic moronic unsubstantiated idiocy, trough corrupted parody of an education system.’

2) A constitution article 7 written by a ‘treasonist’ catholic mafia scumbag (I don’t know who it may be, but that does not change the ‘facts,’ only a catholic-mafioso scumbag could write something like that.) The result of which makes this poor country of yours into:

a) A third world pasdaran catholic mafia talebanate with no guarantees of (any rational) law, and with dictatorial standards, including crimes against humanity in its prison-justice system, meant to ‘suppress’ freedom of speech and dissent to cato-marxist mafia, besides ‘hiding under the carpet’ the ‘crimes against humanity’ of a filthy parody of a state international criminal racket, state of crooks, pimps, genocides and pedophiles, AKA the vatican merde fake state and fake religion crime racket cartel.

b) A ‘fake democracy’ and ‘fake republic’ in which the decisional power is in the pocket of the mafia boss of the vatican and his cardinals and priests mafia thugs, in other words, the only elective monarchy of mafia in the world, ‘transvestite’ as a republic (IOW limited sovereignty under the mafia pedophile genocide bank fraudsters state of the popes kings.)

c) A consequent corrupted and useless parody of state institutions which, with the exception of the presidency (that may in this election itself, be taken over by the same mafia catholicism of the octopus dei,) and defense-justice, are ‘not’ public service agencies, but just placement for chair warmers clientele position of the cato-marxist quackery racket under the mafia of the popes kings and the church of genocide pedophiles.

3) The consequences of ‘quackery elected at law ranking’ and ‘quackery elected at governance ranking,’ are, pretty much:

d) Absence of mobility of criminals and parasites (IOW your system trends to reach stability into the pyramids of maximum public incompetence, since nobody useless is ‘ever’ kicked out.)

e) National policy determined upon the base of ‘not proved idiocy and quackery,’ unwarranted myths (such as dogma superstition of ‘traditions and uses’ of ignorant stone age chicken brains, victim less administrative issues promoted to ‘crimes’ on the base of religion lunatic psychotic and mafia interests, unlimited population quackery, unlimited procreation quackery, unlimited immigration agendas of bigotry do goodism, unlimited growth voodoo of classic economics quackery, and other idiocies,) unwarranted ‘assumptions’ that democratic process can override ‘reality,’ and that superstition (invisible hands, invisible friends in the skies, ‘monetary ponzi efficiency,’) have actual decisional relevant significant value (which obviously do not.)

f) Absence of a simple, objective, effective analysis of solutions to problems of ‘arithmetics, population and energy,’ because ‘not convenient’ to be looked upon, in order not to hurt the susceptibility of the not negotiable and meritable mafias of religions, syndacates rackets, political parties rackets, public chairwarmers parasites of useless institution rackets, banking mafias rackets, baronal rackets, mandarins pensions milking rackets, and so on.

g) Abuse of society based upon psychotic bigotry of religions superstition, (catholicism, christianity, marxism, classic economics, all the same, all superstitions based on unproven dogma,) in which science method, ‘truth’ and legality theory of torts are ‘marginalized’ in very few efficient institutions, and process politics of pre determined caste goals override political process, few agencies which in the next decade will most likelly dissolve into mafia parassitism at image of the ruin of the rest of the country. ‘Vae victis,’ or the blood of the losers, in pansa fashon.

4) The lack of willingness of the ‘intellighentsia’ (or better, lack thereof,) of the nation, of subtracting itself to this theocracy mafia racket of puppetmasters religion pedophiles, genocides, bank ponzi mobsters, pimps, IOW cathocicism racket, ‘expelling’ catholics, marxists, economics and other unwarranted dogma clowns, ‘out of the public system,’ to bring back sovereignity from the mafia nest across the river, to italy.

Your solutions:

5) Bomb the vatican to ruins, execute all catholic, marxists, economics barons, banks jerarchy, or:

6) Regroup on the mountains, in the wild, organize asimetric warfare with plausible denial, against catholic institutions, (and all other organization and mandarins treasonists supporting ‘foreign’ interests,) attacking and destroying the related prodution income generating facilities

7) Go to the third world, and live there in continuous war thereafter, from stone age brains, you only can get stone age results, everybody else will run away, obviously, your brain drain will be ‘unstoppable,’ very soon, your ranking in world position is going to be pretty soon at african standards, but hey, if you are happy on your kees blowing your church pedophiles, your call, hallelujah.

Now do what thou wilth, if your purpose is to be cave men, well, ‘your problem.’


E-cigarettes (but not tobacco cigarettes) found safe for coronary circulation

E-cigarettes (but not tobacco cigarettes) found safe for coronary circulation

Well, most often the most simple explanation is the one closer to reality, the ‘proved facts’ so far are:

1) Less percentage assorbtion of nicotine required with vapor devices
2) Absence of thousand of garbage components residuals of combustion
3) Minor pollution, since is not necessary to keep a fire running, operation on demand

Now with time and studies, the additives may be regulated, if we really want to do something constructive, to the least toxic components possible, but again here the ‘facts’ are:

4) The poweful ‘christian nazi mafia’ wall street vatican driven nicotinoids lobby (monsanto, sygenta, bayer,) the usual genocides at the service of genocide pedophile ‘religions’ and other banking godly mafia rackets, has ‘an interest’ in the matter of crashing the demand for nicotine and tobacco, so that they can profit on the lower cost of production for their products of mass extermination.
5) This explains the ‘fact’ that smoking cessation remedies (gums, patches) have been overregulated and overpenalized with the hidden purpose of keeping feeding the usual wall street vatican driven banking godly mafia racket.

My take on the issue is very simple, we may stop smoking when wall street and the vatican do, (together with their ‘investments’ in nicotinoids poisonous nazi-christo style mass extermination companies of crooks genocides like them,) with a last white mushroom cloud ‘puff.’

The ‘facts’ again are, that vaporizers/e-cigarettes ‘and’ tobacco (without counting good catholic boy adolph style overtaxation,) cost ‘one fifth’ than the other smoking reduction/cessation methods (patches/gums,) in so, we clearly can see why the christian mafia wall street lobby is now ‘mobilizing’ to protect their ‘profits,’ including a zillion of useless smoke cessation ONG financed by the taxpayer, for the profits of the usual christian-pharma-private-medicine usury mafia (e.g. most of the owners of the rackets of private abortion clinics, were christians/catholics speculating, here is the same story.)

“I hope that smokers considering this method will read up on it themselves and ignore the unnecessarily cautious approach taken by ‘the authorities’ for their own corrupt or ignorant, unscientific reasons.”

And, as Dr Ross states above, (and Dr Farsalinos shows with his experimentation,) yes, very wise advice, many oncologists agree worldwide

Certainly if people reduce by themselves 99% of effects of smoking, and e-cigs seem to do that with four decades long smokers, ‘without having to go trough pain,’ all the ONG of scumbag in the business of milking the system ‘converting’ people from tobacco to jebus, and all the pharma distributer milking smokers and public budgets, get what they deserve, out of business.

I tried, for what is worth my experiment, as a lifetime smoker, ‘two’ days away from starting using a vaporizer, have smoked one pipe a day, ‘and’ I have done so because of ‘logistic’ issues (run out a battery, selected the wrong content of nicotine, used wrong technology for the time of the day.) When I’m finished with this experimentation, I’ll give you all the shopping list.

The ‘logistic’ issue is now solved, I have now ‘two’ batteries and ‘two chargers,’ the ‘wrong time / wrong technology,’ I’m working on, I have now a better technology vaporizer, and tomorrow morning I’ll test a lower nicotine dosage in a lower vapor vaporizer, for early morning or after-sleep.

The problem is that pipe and cigar smokers (converted from cigarettes,) have an (unconscious) issue of keeping an optimized burn/vapor temperature, in so, many (such as me,) may ‘unconsciously’ exaggerate in the first puffs in the morning, in the twilight between sleep and consciousness, with unwanted coughing like hell results.

My computations, indicate a consumption of 1 ml per day, so far at 36ml nicotine density, (way lower than the use of 18-20 grams of tobacco a day, average pipe smoker amount,) but tomorrow morning I’ll test the two types of vaporizers on the 18ml nicotine density, to reach a potential use of a lower dosage early morning and after sleep (using a dedicated tank, for now I have three of them.)

As far as health effect, is ‘immediately’ visible, I breathe better, I don’t hardly cough at all (except for the morning fix, working on that,) and I have even felt less chest and spleen discomfort, better appreciation of taste of foods, and more clear reasoning and speech.

As far as it looks for now, would advise medical insurances to give e-devices free to their smokers patients, (the cheapest ‘nice’ ones, are $19 per kit, with charger, the better tanks without wick, are $17 a piece, plus $10 battery,) the conversion is (at difference than patches and gums,) pretty much instant, supposed the operator has a functioning brain, and the elimination of 7000 or so additionally toxic components in smog, justifies the investment.

‘Experience’ is the best possible validation, as a smoker of about 45 years, I can confirm a switch with zero suffering, ‘instant,’ with pretty much all beneficial effects, and absolutely no craving of tobacco. News about the light morning dosage, in about 12 hours.

Updated news, now over 24 hours without touching my regular tobacco pipe, solved the morning issue, two ways possible, either half nicotine fluid in the cheaper vaporizer model (wick based,) ‘or’ same type of fluid in a more expensive, different technology tank (e.g. mini protank,) ‘both ways,’ no cough at all even after waking up (hard to do even with the pipe.)

A ‘must have’ for a smoker with a brain. The faster you switch and the better you should feel (given you know how to use it.) Shopping list:

a) cheapest option, two cheap kits ($19 each) tank with wick, and two grades of nicotine 10 ml bottles, (for former heavy smokers, 36mg for afternoon, and 18 mg for morning, $ 12 for both,) total $50, for about 20 days of use estimated.

b) more expensive option, two cheap kits ($19 each) tank with wick, (this is still a necessary option, gives you ‘two’ batteries element and ‘two’ chargers, for car and home,) plus one $17 mini protank, gives you a set of loaded cartridges and spare battery to run all day, with $14 of 36mg fluid, (protank in the morning, and cheaper wick tanks during the day,) again, ‘no cough at all either ways, total $69, for same about 20 days of use estimated.

Not bad, ‘even cheaper than pipe tobacco.’ Average life e-cigs batteries about 1 year, replacement cost about $10 each. Switching to e-cigs could have ‘huge’ health costs savings for a country, worth to try it. The chinese engineer who invented this, is a genious.

Further update, fifth day, not touched tobacco for the last four days, I’m using more 18mg than predicted, so at worse, may just mix a bottle of zero with one of 36mg, and make 18, like my friend flying banker used to do with avio fuel and regular to make premium.

Anyhow now I’m smoking steam. In the mean time, I’m still waiting for the vatican to stop smoking, it will help definitively ‘their’ (mental) health. 😉

Now, after reading an article about hope, I want to give a bit of philosophical explanation of this choice of switching over to smoking a vaporizer.

First of all, there is no interest at all from my part of ‘avoiding cancer,’ actually cancer would be a blessing at this time, I don’t over-value any longer a life being surrounded by this species of motherfucker pigs, called human race, a mafia racket of glorified morons with giant egos, following a (lack of) intelligentsia of giant ego mafia crooks, motherfucker, inbred, pedophiles, genocides, AKA banking shitfaces, AKA not negotiable brain optional churches pigs assholes, AKA arrogant imbeciles economist motherfucker inbred christo idiot thieves grand preachers of idiocies and unproved quackery, AKA barons mandarins of shitface catholic, marxist, econocrook usury, AKA political clowns of mafia merits, AKA news preachers of best possible world of crooks they sold their soul to, for the 20 dinars of the traitor. At the best there is an interest of avoiding my partner getting upset for the ashes all over the place.

In second instance, I have no intention of switching off of nicotine, nor stopping smoking, ‘something,’ vapor, fine for me, as long as has some nicotine in it. First I like the effects of nicotine, and I understand the implications and ‘agenda’ of the ‘new world order’ nazi christo genocide lobby of pigs propaganda of quackery, that for thirty years has brainwashed people about ‘not smoking,’ (hitler was doing the same, hitler was a good catholic boy pig genocide, friend of those same pigs churches assholes,) but pretends to ignore the fact that the ‘is time the shit vatican pedophile genocide mafia stops smoking.’ Forever, the fk*g assholes pigs.

Then, nicotine is my companion of daily activities, wakes me up when I’m kind like tired, calms me down when I have to hear the daily assholes quackery, I actually like nicotine effects, if nicotine kills me, well, at least I enjoyed it, even non smokers are not eternal, carpenters only resurrect in the fairy tales of crooks that abuse morons, the shitfaces of religions.

In the matters of crimes and pains, my line of thinking is that robespierre had it right, with robespierre solutions, there is no need of further cells renewal. Eventually they can be offered the option if they have rather be headless on their feet or their knees, paraphrasing the south american doctor.

And finally, back to the article, I don’t know what to do with hope, you can’t eat hope, it does not have anything intellectually stimulating to offer, is just useless brain masturbation, actually less pleasant than sexual satisfaction, I care less of piety do goodism for the weak minds and the challenged brains, I witnessed awake a surgery on myself, I have seen enough skeletons, I have done a lot more of very interesting things in my life, I just want realistic assessments based on hard science and facts, then I decide, I don’t need anybody’s hope brainwashing, I’m grown enough to understand death and dying, fuck hypocrite do goodism, to protect society from vendettas of its victims with ‘useless hope quackery,’ beware the truth. Caesar beware the ides of march.

If I get a good cancer, I’ll just enjoy it, until checking out instantly (let’s say in seven minutes of consciousness in the tunnel,) when the pain is too much, sorry, no surgeries or chemio for me, don’t need any butchers work, I just need to count on the calendar the available days and adjust a couple of things, before checking out.

Still think that out of smith options, controlled suicide is the best, being able to choose, and my directive requests and gives people I trust the power of attorney of pulling the plug, if I’m not able to choose.

As churchill stated, eventually americans always make the right decisions, after having exhausted all the other options and possibilities.

Insane Ways Animals Changed the Course of Humanity

Insane Ways Animals Changed the Course of Humanity

Well, you see, is not god, stupid, is ‘dog.’ And the astronomers, in their ancient and more modern wisdom, born out of the contemplation of how small and useless we humans are in relation to the magnificence of the universe, knew it all along, that probably explains why the birth of our system, the creation, is associated with the little dog, procyon, in our journey at velocities inconceivable for our technologies, towards the constellation of the twins, AKA gemini.

OTOH, is not true that the Neanderthals disappeared, they are in a percentage in each one of us, we are all in a small percent Neanderthal, because at some point in the process, it kicks in the ‘matrilinear’ strategy of reproduction, more fit for small numbers, to transmit essential genetics, that’s how today most of americans, whether they recognize it or not, are mixed with native american indians, ‘vae victis’ applies mostly to males, but since the same males will fuck anything, (in fact in africa somewhere, they even fuck holes in the ground,) biology, in it’s quite superior functioning, ensures and assures the most relevant tracts are merging in the cauldron of a new horde.

Anyhow, back to dog, always more useful to humans than god, in the history of the human species, shia approach is looking at them as dirty animals, which they are, but hey, if they were not dirty, they would have not helped humans to hunt, and eating human garbage, helped humans to ‘avoid’ to be hunted (is handy to have a friend burying our traces, or eating them, dogs are still much more sensitive to ‘other animals hunting’ than we humans are,) cats are too, but are more picky, and don’t/can’t eat all the mountains of garbage we humans specialized on producing.

OTOH, the shia are in a certain percentage right, you don’t really need to fuck a dog, as many in the christian states in the bible belt probably do, because the states of christian taleban, mainly south east, are the only ones in america, where bestiality, eg sex with animals, is still legal, OTOH again, in the process, let’s forget about some middle east and southern europe practices of fucking sheeps. 😉

Anyhow, here an interesting blog of a basque kid, not bad for a 15yo (or two,) global warming, well, the simple answer most of times is most probably the right one, however the problem we are facing is ‘resistance’ from the ‘lobbies of ignorance,’ the ones that look backward instead than forward, to obsolete dogma quackery, such as the ‘monetary in-efficiency’ of the sumerian, a population of ignorant primitives, and the speculative superstitious ‘social dis-order’ of the racket of the primitive men at the time of adoption of agriculture practices.

In the million years evolution timeline of species, appears tentatively evident that increase of brain mass, could be most likely the ‘driver’ of biological intellectual evolution, now since the time of invention of the greatest fraud in human history, ‘religion,’ born when the first crook met the first idiot, we are witnessing actually a ‘decrease’ of mass of human brains, which should tell us that about 10k years ago, we took the wrong branch on the reverse evolution tree, and also that ‘religion’ AKA ‘cult of death,’ will take us exactly where the ‘cult,’ ‘superstition,’ ‘idiocy’ is pointing to, AKA ‘assured death,’ also well expressed as ‘collective suicide,’ obvious result of twisted, unscientific, superstitious, idiotic ‘religious organized racket,’ AKA ‘clergy mafia,’ way of (not) thinking, for self-referent convenience.

Now as the grand mughul Akbar stated, if faith would have been enough, there would have been no need of prophets at all, in so, maybe (we all) should give a bit more of credit to the prophets examples, and much less credit to the ‘institutions’ (intellectually politically correct word for ‘clergy mafias,’) since messages of mercifulness, truth, freedom, cooperation, harmony with nature, pleasure, are universal and agreeable even bejond the social concept of life, into the ‘factual’ evidence of science and formal proof. Who are we little ants humans, in comparison of the magnificence of the universe, in it’s complexity and simplicity manifestations from the sub atomic scale all the way up to multiverse manifolds ?

Clergy lunatic psychotic speculation ?, invisible friends in the skies forgiving quackery ‘sins ?,’ invisible hands distributing salamis ?, please, who needs the circus show of those charlatans ?

Well, enough for today, have fun, and to the basque kid, fix that questionnaire, you have a number of disputable answers in there.

😉 But I love your html. 😉

Bill Ford predicts ‘radical transformation’ of auto industry

Bill Ford predicts ‘radical transformation’ of auto industry

I like his attitude, is somehow a visionary like his great grand father, and yes, keeping doing the same things expecting different results is not a strong evidence of a strategy based on sanity.

Now, here the issues are:

1) There is a ‘transport” industry set implication, which has some serious issues of thermodynamic efficiency, it takes a wholistic approach of the whole industry, to obtain rational results, and the only side of ‘disposable activity’ to permit life, is, in an emergency, a substantial cut on transport waste.

2) There is an ‘economic implication’ which being based on quackery currency does not logistically predict hardly anything, in so, with the handicap of the racket of the money system, still a transportation industry that wants to chose to survive has to act in terms ‘thermodynamically sound,’ otherwise the game is equivalent than going to play in vegas, the high priests of the other religion, economics quackery, can not vision anything further that their nose, they get a (fake) nobel price for ‘three years worth of’ good predictions, flipping a coin is more sound than listening to economic quackery, and the christo-monetary fractional ponzi skim.

Now points (1) and (2) clearly require an overlapped logistic serialization and time sharing strategy, which is nothing new, computers knew how to do that in the 50s, with most efficient algorithms (resources and assets management are pretty much the same concepts,) and networks in the 70s knew how to do that (optimizing path algorithms and logistic distribution serialization are pretty much the same concepts.) so there is the concept of ‘ personal-mobility companies,’ and ‘not only,’ but also ‘fractional ownership,’ as well ‘time sharing,’ as well, there are plenty of economically and thermodynamically sound ideas, if just we were in ‘the right mindset,’ as nobody in his right mind has two 747 in his yard to fly them once a year for vacations, your average 3 cars and a half in the average american family that drive more or less few hours a week each, and sit for 99% of time accumulating rust, ‘are not’ a thermodynamically efficient way of doing things.

Then there are issues resulting from faulty choices:

3) Excessive weight for the type of deployment, (here we have many interesting concepts, from alloys that can be recycled with only 5% of the original energy to create them, to bio-compatible components such as PLC, to natural renewables such as hemp fibers and natural resins,) city cars and small trucks / suv are the first illustrious victims and perpetrators of this madness, if your load is not 10k lbs, or your trailer is not 20k lbs, why in the word would you need three tons of iron to go around ? If you just drive in the city, why would you want a car you can not park anywhere ? Why would you need a rear axle at all for city speeds ? Simplicity.

Same for all those crew cab long wheel base, you go to walmart, and you have to park a mile away to find a slot that fits your size, you could really do the same thing with something a bit more compact weighting one ton, as long as you don’t load or don’t tow too much (95% of those big trucks, my gf calls them penis replacements, have bed that never carried anything, some don’t even have complete towing accessories, so have never towed anything in their lifetime, spent at average 5mpg stop and go traffic, bummer.) What about a 4wd diesel-electric pick up, extended cab, small bed, 2k lbs towing capacity, more than enough.

4) Complexity, that has a cost and failure rates growing exponentially, (here we should go back to basics, hybrids are too complex, electronics and electrical are too vulnerable to EM factors, carriage design is too archaic, aerodynamically and engineering wise, left/right drive, parts different from the two sides, all point to a more rational tandem solution with a narrower track, and a longer wheel base, aerodynamics for dummies.)

Then there is a problem of power plants, the best would be that the engine makers were somehow different than the vehicles makers, and that modular components would be standardized (e.g. subject to an agreed ISO standard,) this would greatly enhance scale economy, interoperability among installation/infrastructure, air, land and water use, ‘and’ environmental friendly ‘reutilization,’ besides reducing life cycle cost in any phase of life.

Modular standardized power plants would be more easily adjustable to market demand, and technology retrofit, providing for the same chassis, itself modular, a number of options, all themselves less limiting and more prone to higher residual values and assurance of operational readiness, importants factors in the scavenging age of the right side of the bell.

The concept itself of ‘deployment’ would determine not only the combination and engine management program for the power plant, but also the way most proper to transfer that power, in so making ‘acceptable’ a more tailored and more efficient choice au pair with the specific use segment, and a relativelly easy and cost efficient possible re-deployment after retrofit in a different use segment.

Taking out of the books of individual transport makers, the whole R&D costs for the powerplants, could lower the impact percentage on prices, and provide sufficient release of resources to be oriented more properly towards the manufacturers segments, all the above giving more and more rational choices to the public.

Probably, at the end of this process, each manufacturer would provide one modular type of frame, with a number of configurable options, and a number of choices of powertrains, based on specific final use requirements, all at a substantially significant affordable scale of fractional use and or retrofit optiopn. (IOW, reducing the off time, increasing the side use, increasing the efficient operation, reducing the substitution increasing the retrofits, all options.)

Also, such modularity would open the highways to use at much higher density, at much diversified fuel/energy sources, and even much at worse streets in unmantained conditions, giving a further breath of oxygen to the suburbia design failure for a few decades, and being eventually convertible, in an easy to retrofit air cushon option, for the phase of the scavengers economy, of post government and lack of state, this option itself, as kit, can be exploited and made profitable, way ahead, for prepardness, and is a virgin segment at our days. (But again, would require an ISO standard, if it wants to have a minimal possibility of success.)

Society as Protection Racket

Society as Protection Racket

Well, he has it half right, except that historically religions don’t duplicate state rackets, is the other way around, states are an evolution of theocracies, in so are much less demanding than religion pigs perverts genocides, IOW, a ‘state of law’ follows historically a shit theocracy (or a shit theocracy dressed as democracy filth of tyranny of religion chicken brain assholes, we have plenty of examples, planetwide,) even if in a phase of ‘population bomb terrorism,’ ran by chickenbrains byproduct of religion idiocy, chickenbrains democracies, tend to transform themselves into theocracies when the ‘tyranny of majority of religion chickenbrains,’ is permitted to prolipherate.

This is the case in which the neo-cons liberalism (nazi-christo ponzi monetary skim economy,) adds (doubles) to the milking of the organized pedophiles genocides mafias, AKA religions. In second instance the problems of ‘neoliberalism,’ a glorified name for neo-cons christo-nazi usury and ponzi fractional mafia, is ‘all in one point,’ AKA ‘currency ponzi fraud,’ you overcome the ponzi usury-fractional christo-mafia racket with sound exchange metrics, AKA ‘energy,’ and ‘puff’ all their (not the liberal libertarian pure market concept, but the ‘neo-cons’ christo-nazi ponzi monetary skim) castle of cards, of economic quackery, christian socialism quackery, judean-marxist quackery, chicken brains democracy quackery, ‘vaporize,’ ‘self combust.’

The whole skim is based on ‘dogma,’ ‘ponzi IOU fraud,’ there is no such thing as ‘monetary efficiency,’ no such thing as ‘sustainable growth,’ as well as no invisible hands and friends in the skies forgiving sins, all ‘fantasy creation’ of crooks to enslave morons. The left has no ultimate intent of eliminating the protection racket, the marxist left is another religion socialism just like the christian/catholic mafia pigly godly socialism of the right-center, what he calls the racket (defense/justice,) is probably the last useful institution in a state, which remains indispensable in order to avoid ‘tragedy of the commons’ phenomena, the others all parasites, even if allegedly merit able.

The ‘real problem’ is between the ‘quackery efficiency’ or lack thereof of ‘dogma,’ and the ‘real thermodynamic efficiency’ of science. Between the two there is the same difference between middle age absolute monarchies, based on population control trough wars, bigotry, and famine, and the illuminism of the industrial revolution, except that now, the rigged ponzi money system, the chickenbrains democracy tyranny of the ignorant, the quackery of the economic fraud ponzi church of idiocies, is the ‘primitive’ world of fraudsters, ‘modernity’ is ‘thermodynamic efficiency,’ IOW energy metrics of accounting, and ‘technocracy of science,’ IOW supremacy of ‘authority of facts,’ over ‘authority of mafia,’ (AKA morals, traditions, religions, and all other pigs.)

The ‘goal’ is liberty of choices ‘within what is scientifically provable,’ and equality of natural rights, ‘within what is not collectively damaging.’ (AKA no ‘moral’ victim less ‘pseudo-crimes,’ no ‘damaging’ actions ‘not considered crimes,’ and no ‘unlimited procreation’ idiocies.)

And since we are looking here at ‘coherence,’ today confused article here, shows that the problem of that country, (italy for the ones that don’t recognize the language,) is that their society has brainwashed those poor people so much, that they all lost any reference to reality, and live in ‘lala land,’ of catholic do gooders mafia rackets psychotic merit not negotiable constructs, belonging more in the fantasy land of toxic religious mind altering stages, than plain basic logic.

Adding to that classic economics obsolete religion quackery, marxism socialist utopia quackery, chickenbrains democracy quackery of tyranny of majority catholic pedophile genocide mafia cult satanic apostasy, and monetary christo-nazi-mafia ponzi skims, it appears undoubtful that the italian direction of ‘quaquaraqua’ to use the expression of a know neapolitan prince, is the third world caliphate of dogooders merit able not negotiable catholic mafia.

If the teachers in their schools were not byproducts of ponzi skim monetary quackery, catholic quackery, marxist quackery, that would be another place on earth, as it stands, (as usual) the artwork describes the architects. The problem of your italiotic state there, is the state itself, keep the president, the military, and the courts, and send everybody else home, that’s your only option, to remain in the modern world, otherwise, join the pasdarans like you, and don’t complain, enjoy the third world, hallelujah.

And here, there is another ‘interesting one,’ well, looks all clear, ‘new world order’ and bieldberg ‘associated,’ wall street christo-nazi-mafia, GOP, and the usual ‘octopus dei,’ member owner of the federal reserve system, practically, plus two countries now ‘puppets’ of the christian mafia, germany of the reichskonkordat, italy of the lateran pacts, and you are surprised the scumbags of the octopus dei, AKA mafia of god (pig,) are not pulling a fast one, for the glory of their banks mafias of god (pig,) and all their not negotiable merits ?, hallelujah.

Damn romans that ran out of lions.

But their problem there is to support the ‘unlimited procreation’ agenda of their shit religion of pedophiles, genocides and pimps and mafia ponzi skimmers, only place on earth where a mafia of pedophiles genocides is protected by a constitution, besides other third world theocracies, aka talebanates.

Under the vatican mafia satan central, you are done folks, ‘perpetual’ third world, with no appeal, you are finished with civilization, go back to the stone age, where the catholic ignorant mafia belongs to, hallelujah.

The Sixth Great Extinction Is Underway—and We’re to Blame

The Sixth Great Extinction Is Underway—and We’re to Blame

Well, ‘we have our priorities wrong’ because scientific progress has not been applied to revisioning ‘tradition quackery,’ in so we are:

1) Overdepleting, because we ‘measure’ exchange, production, and wealth on the base of a metric invented by illiterate cave men, the sumerians, and gloriefied by grand priests of following cabals, based on ‘dogma’ speculation with no corresponding in the real (scientific) life, the religion of the economists.

2) Overdepleting, because we ‘measure’ success in overprocreation, in competitive procreation, on the base of an animal primitive level, canonized in a ‘tradition’ invented by a cabal of a bunch of crooks, the primitive iliterate sheperds of the birth of the age of agriculture, which found more convenient, instead than raising humans at a higher level, to canonize norms to mantain an animal status quo for their self referential interest cabals, based on ‘dogma’ speculation with no corresponding in the real (scientific) life, the religions of the churches mafias.

Now, with those two cabals together, the result is periodic self-annichilation.

The real problem, is that instead than taking a ‘wholistic’ view, we want to preserve specific interests of categories of charlatains (money masters ponzi rackets, religion pedophiles genocide vampires rackets,) in so we end up with ‘sectorial’ analisys that wants to ‘preserve’ some quackery, as convenient.

Our ‘honest’ assessment, (if we did not have to offer for ‘political convenience’ our donkey to the shitface priest and banker mafioso,) should be worried of the CO2 situation, because we (should as scientists) remember that the ’empirical’ data of the vostok ice-core show such behavior, whereas the CO2 curve ‘follows’ the global temperature behavior, ‘intellectual honesty’ requires us to do so.

Our ‘honest’ assessment, (if we did not have to offer for ‘political convenience’ our donkey to the shitface priest and banker mafioso,) should be worried of the whole production system in the west, where wall street profit making machines of drugs and fuels trade, with the blessing of stupid religions overprocreation, have contaminated waters in a manner distructive for the ‘whole’ human species, the results are clear to all:

3) Water tables exhausted and polluted, with diversity loss
4) Emergence of super bugs medicine resistant
5) Destruction of bio-diversity for corporate greed (fossil lobby, suburbia, OGM rackets)
6) Loss of knowledge for corporate greed (arbitration, patents and copyrights rackets)
7) Emergence of instability and asymetric warfare, with decline of traditional power

Now some of those problem are the result of the ‘willfull action’ of cabals of inbred SOBs, and other, like point (7,) are the ‘automatic survival’ reactions coded in the nature itself of the human beast.

In so, as we have ‘historically’ seen in the crash of the roman empire, and in the recent collapse of the soviet union, as per innumerable other cases of historical collapse of civilizations, the sequence boils down to orlow five stages of collapse, (which he and his family have experienced directly on their skin, in the recent russian economic collapse:)

8) Financial collapse
9) Commercial collapse
10) Political collapse
11) Social collapse
12) Cultural collapse

The above ‘followed’ by a sixth stage of ‘recue from the inbred’ (AKA wall street christo-usury ponzi mafia.)

13) Rescue from the top world cabal of religion banking usury genocide (AKA IMF)

Now the west has only to pray that the ‘regional’ collapses could (but not necessairly may,) given the faulty thermodynamic premises of points (1) and (2) causing trend to collapse of points (3) trough (12,) slow down the reaching of either or all the points (14) trough (18) below, whichever comes first:

14) World economy collapse, now point (13) is voided unless you may rely on an extraterrestrial civilization, (good luck mr stucka,) and you are back to ‘traditional collapse,’ IOW sticks and stones, or bows and arrows.

15) World environmental collapse, now point (13) is ‘irrelevant,’ with the collapse of the world electric grid, point (14) becomes consequence, you are back to sticks and stones, or bows and arrows, ‘the last will be the first’ if the ‘first can not rech them any longer,’ possession will predominate over property, tribalism will predominate over law, barter will predominate over useless currency, in this scenario.

16) World environmental pandemic, now point (13) is ‘irrelevant,’ with the collapse of the world economy, you are at point (14) again, IOW sticks and stones, or bows and arrows, selectivelly in islands around the planet, this is the most optymistic scenario, two worlds, the cave men and the progressed semi-untouched that control the former with force, but ‘absolutelly no contact.’ Is the scenario of the matrix, this scenario is unstable, history has proven that such conditions of disparity converge into either a scenario of type (14) and/or (15,) and/or (16) extended to all areas, most likely case of ‘all’ at the same time, see roman empire v1.0.

17) World asymetric warfare emergence, now point (13) is ‘irrelevant,’ with the collapse of the world economy, you are at point (14) again, IOW sticks and stones, or bows and arrows, selectivelly in islands around the planet, this is also an optymistic scenario, two worlds, the old regime, and the hidden survivalists self sufficient, that don’t talk to each other, except for warfare actions, both ways, this scenario is unstable, history has proven that such conditions of disparity converge into either a scenario of type (14) and/or (15,) and/or (16) extended to all areas, most likely case of ‘all’ at the same time, see roman empire v1.0.

18) ‘Omissis,’ selective instant reduction of four billions people planetwise, with most likely consequence of points (14) trough (17) happening simultaneously, and consequent disappearance from the planet of further ‘n’ billions people, with probable extinction before the end of the century.

Somebody may see how it goes, for sure is not going to be BAU, regardless, so sip on your brandy, ready to go down in time.

Young people ‘more interested in pensions than their elders’

Young people ‘more interested in pensions than their elders’

Well, they should be, now that is clear ‘in the whole western ponzi economy’ of pedophile genocide christian and banking mafia that the most significant factor for ‘promotion of politicians’ to higher chairs is ‘the legalized embezzlement of people pension funds,’ fraud perpetuated in accordance with the known plan ‘of religious-banking cabals driven mass extermination’ called ‘new world order,’ in the western parodies of democracies, which are in reality ‘dictatorship of majorities,’ lead by mafia cabals.

The baby boomer generation, and partially the X generation, have been ‘defrauded’ by this shit-face category of western pieces of shit inbred politician, banksters, and clergy assholes, in so is too late for us victims of the predation of the current western shitface cabal, we have no choice than die in poverty, disease and eventually suicide, if not extermination in the new nazi standard oil IG farben camps, the FEMA extermination camps, blessed by the fucking countries under a pig god like them and those good women of their mothers.

OTOH, we baby boomer really care less, is too late for us, we have learned as children to survive on a shoe string, we have been at the best a generation of naive dreamers, used by all for their shitty miserable profits and pockets, and at the worse a generation of pirates dreamers, that can leave anytime for anywhere, do anything, open a zillion projects and realize none, as long as surrounded by the rubber wall of shit religion, shit usury, shit political mafia, shit-face baronal ignorant arrogance, in so our generation only motivation, is to see wiped out all those parasites, in order to ‘remove the obstacles to civilization,’ We came a bit too early, we are surrounded by morons that still believe in idiocies and quackeries, but we know that ‘they’ will go, ‘the evidence of facts will surpass all quackery at the end.’

As a consolation, we are at the least glad ‘we will die with our eyes open,’ ‘free,’ and ‘knowing the truth,’ whatever the cost is, at the contrary of the poor idiots that have believed and have sold their souls to this castes of ignorant arrogant motherfucking pieces of shit inbred incompetent criminal cretins, the barons of not negotiable merit, the ‘architects’ of suburbia, peak oil, ‘planed destruction of the planet,’ and much more other total crap, generations of ‘filthy traitors pigs,’ miserable leeches parasites arrogant assholes that ‘must be wiped out from the face of the planet,’ for the sake of survival of the whole human species.

But the Y generation, on the start now, (and also the younger of the X generation that still have a brain,) should realize that their generations will never be able to put together enough contribution years to retire, with the ponzi skim of western social security of politicians, pedophiles religions and and bankster crooks, the racket of merit able mafia that steals from people in order to enrich the same religion genocide pedophiles cabals, banking predation genocide cabals, and useless bureaucrats of criminal governments, basing their powers on mafia merits, with the only shit fake merit, of robbing the people and destroying countries to fill their pockets, IOW with the pieces of shit, all the funds given to social securities are thrown practically in the garbage, to pay for 25 golden pensions of mandarins with dubious morals mothers.

And is not with christian mafia banking usury ponzi skims that they may be able to guarantee a bit of future for sickness and aging times, it is now clear that religions, politics, and banking, ‘are the worse criminal rackets of western societies,’ worse mafias in the planet. So the ‘alternatives’ need to be explored, and since retirement planning is in essence logistics and stores, probably the best way is ‘not to have any taxable income,’ IOWs ‘investing’ ‘all the disposable income’ bypassing banking mafias (and churches and political mafias,) into non attachable property and stores (here is important to chose wisely the country where to act in this plan.) Touch the mandarins in their pockets, cut with the scalpel the umbilical cords of corrupted mafia institutions that feed their legalized extortion racket.

Essentially survival requires:

1) Clean waters, sanitation, energy, on your own wells and generation/processing systems, not to pay skims to utilities mafias

2) ‘Nutritional’ foods, not to buy OGM food designed to kill you

3) Sufficiently secluded land, hard to reach by the servant of the shit political, banking and clergy rackets mafias

4) ‘Commonal’ life, a set of basic poli-oriented shared values, a difficult task for most morons indoctrinated in christian and economics idiocy nonsense, but that is why they brain wash you in the first place, to fuck your brains up, so learn to ‘detach’ yourself from the collection of garbage of christianity and economics quackeries, political and baronal indoctrination mafia racket, et al other vultures leeches worms.

5) Community infrastructure for the scavengers age, logistics, logistics, and logistics again, ‘war socialism,’ to distinguish it from the quackery of christian and marxist useless mafia socialism.

6) Firepower to keep the above pieces of shit far from you, this includes enough air power, silkworm style, knowledge on making and handling explosives, and locations in hobbit houses under ground and caverns under mountains. It is more important other than learning hobby style survivalist skills, more fit for evasion and short term recovery, to know ‘all’ the basics and practices of ‘asymmetric warfare.’

And is all attainable, and ‘most of all,’ all non-dependent from the circus of predatory christian banking mafia usury predatory pieces of shit that rule today’s west. Be prepared for the big crash, let the assholes eat each other when their ponzi skim is gone, not any longer a matter of if but only of when. Hopefully may be slow enough to get this plan going, maximum two years, and fast enough to quarter all those cabal of bitches and feed them to the pigs like them, and don’t forget their chopped head on a stick on the side of the roads, so the people can spit on their shit faces.

Instead than putting money in the ponzi skim of the 25 golden pensions, and the pimps racket at the vatican, and similar, prepare your ‘war sites’ under mountains, spend there, for your generation, ‘surviving readiness’ and ‘self sufficiency’ is the best pension plan. Is later than you all think, the time to act is ‘yesterday.’ Nobody will save you, the one that will save you is in front of yourself in the mirror, ‘you.’

Those generations of assholes that created all this, ‘will’ be judged as the ‘worse shit-faces ever ruling earth,’ no doubt, but we would only like as a last desire to see them all ‘executed,’ before we check out, while they can only hope to die of natural death before being quartered and decapitated. Start breeding horses and pigs, name all your pigs ‘meritable,’ ‘god,’ ‘monetary efficiency,’ ‘invisible hand,’ ‘human capital,’ ‘not negotiable,’ ‘democracy,’ ‘marxism,’ ‘catholic,’ ‘austrian economics,’ ‘vatican,’ ‘opus dei,’ and if you run out of names, use all the real names of the real pigs there, they know who they are, and also, sharpen your katanas, for when is time to chop their heads off, ‘on their knees,’ that is the position they like. Oh, I forgot the crucifixes, build some big ones, to crucifix the ones that want more crucifixes, and adopt a lion if you can.

Now go in war. Amun (ra.)