Italy’s Downward Spiral

Italy’s Downward Spiral

Well, the ‘new world order’ plan, is at the root of this depression, exactly the same way as the 29 depression was caused by speculation of the christo-banking mafia. At some point somebody started positioning themselves for profit in deflation, and ‘with treason,’ violating the unwritten pact of trust with the people, banks became mafia banking and religions became mafia religions, and the west failed, ‘again,’ like in 1929.

Now obviously italy, a country at limited sovereignty under a catholic mobsters syndicate cartel of the vatican genocide paedophile mafia usury predatory terrorist rogue state, devised as a ‘facade’ religion, but in reality, the worse criminal racket in history of humanity, obviously the bankruptcy has been caused by that 95% of catholics in power, AKA, mafia, ‘the real one,’ the one of the catholic clergy vatican racket, the catholic racket that has ‘divested’ the italian people to finance the octopus dei genocides and holy wars around the planet.

In so, italy is now again a geographic expression, which counts as much as nothing, because all the non-serfs of the vatican mafia have been victims of ‘holy mafia’ predation, and destroyed, if not murdered with plausible denial, by the ‘good’ catholic paedophile, usury genocide, mobsters, to which the satan pope, absolute monarch of a clergy institution of satanists (the vatican,) have forgiven sins in change of criminal secular work in favour of the same church mafia racket.

The next step will be probably another ‘man of the providence’ version 2.0, to increase furthermost the predation of the catholic mafia leadership over the nation, and over the poor people, people possibly of a breed of morons, people so stupid not to have to date hanged all catholic mafia clergy and catholic mafia supporters. In so, the people in italy, will get exactly what they deserve, for having believed in satanic catholicism, the few that understood, are gone, ‘forever,’ hallelujah.


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