God’s Racket: Why It’s High Time to Shut Down the Vatican Bank

God’s Racket: Why It’s High Time to Shut Down the Vatican Bank

Well, if they ask me, is time to shut down the whole vatican, the largest banking fraud cartel usury racket in the planet, the largest coverup link for genocide nazis protection, the bank and mafia racket parody of a religion, financing nazi coups and genocides all over the planet (octopus dei, see pinochet and videla,) the largest coverup link for pedophiles rings, all over the planet.

It is not a coincidence such bank was funded by ‘satan himself,’ AKA pius the XII, the ‘architect’ of the croatian genocide, the master of the recycled gold of the holocaust, and the ‘protector’ of all his christo-nazi murderers genocide pedophiles, trough the vatican rat lines.

When you hear those rackets of mafia clergy pedophiles protectors and architects, and genocide protectors and architects they call a religion talk, just imagine those are the hitler bosses of back then, now ready to exterminate you with another cato-genocide, they are the filth of humanity, sub-humans, an insult to human intelligence and dignity.

Catholicism is a racket that stinks of blood of murder, usury predation, fraud, mafia, pedophilia, genocide, they all should wear brown clothing, the color of shit, like them.

Catholicism should be dismantled under anti-racketeering laws, their clergy subject to the same treatment of al capone and other mafias, catholicism is not a religion, is a criminal organization, like the new york mafia and the triads of hong kong, in so they should not be afforded any religion constitutional protection, and not only so, ‘but’ since they are also genocide terrorists, IOW ‘worse,’ they should ‘also’ be dismantled, and if they are not negotiable, they should be bombed into ashes.


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