Cultural aspects of time and ageing

Cultural aspects of time and ageing

I was really looking to reference an article of wisdom, describing how our (western, bigot, stupid, predatory, based on idiotic not sustainable procreation competition, absurd) life, is the result of the mental failure and incompetence of our western leadership of brain-dead religious bigots empty heads, prime morons, chosen by the ‘democratic’ vote of chicken brains electing the first crooks, with the support of the moneys of the organized mafia, AKA ‘the money masters’ of the christo-banking racket.

But unfortunately, this collection of unwarranted mythology, offered to you by a government agency milking taxpayers dollars to brainwash them in democratic religious idiocies, seems the best available out there. Indoctrination by parasites on public payroll, a lot of ‘fried air’ the prince would say: ‘quaquaraqua,’ on taxpayers payroll, or was it tax payer ?, or better, sustained by taxpayer extortion, hallelujah. OTOH, nothing to be surprised, the shrinks are the gestapo of the mafia-religious usury-genocide western monetary usury tradition.

Let’s look, for a minute, outside of sophism, at ‘facts:’

Premises about genocide:
-Standard Oil IG Farben Aushwitz profits in the holocaust
-Christian/catholic churches mafias responsibility in the holocaust
-Christian/catholic churches mafias responsibility in the rat lines
-Catholic genocide in croatia
-Wall street nazi and vatican nazi ‘octopus dei’ golpe regimes:’
–videla -> genocide
–pinochet -> genocide
et cetera

First tentative conclusion:

“wall street and the vatican ‘are’ the nazi, hitler was just ‘their’ puppet”

Second tentative conclusion:

“the nazi won the second war, ‘and’ invented the cold war to rob the people of the west, europe and america, with their ‘christo-usury’ mafia”

Third conclusion:

“only a final nuclear war can wipe out the sources of evil, ‘religion banking mafias'”

Fourth conclusion:

Without russia, hitler would have won in europe, because that was the expected result the christo-banking mafia was after, christo-banking mafia who put hitler in power in the first place with the money of the vatican catholic mafia and wall street christian mafia.

Fifth conclusion:

FEMA extermination camps are the ‘final solution’ planned by the same people of back then, so the discussion on aging, is a waste of good air, we see everyday in the actions of the local and central government, a ‘systematic’ policy directed at suppressing the older with plausible denial.

The conclusions, to the wise. No other option than MAD, better dead than serfs of the christo-usury pedophile genocide mafia, the racket of usury pimps, mafia godly skimmers, pedophiles, and worse of all, architects of genocides, ‘amen.’


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