Valls : “Nous sommes dans une guerre contre le terrorisme”

Valls : "Nous sommes dans une guerre contre le terrorisme"

Well, wrong approach, ‘all’ organized religions are terrorist, pedophile, genocide, criminal rackets.

They are all in war with each other, but ‘ultimately’ the actions of all religions are leading to the same result, ‘enslaving people.’ The failure, is ‘admitting’ special rights for religions, wrong choice.

Cato-christians are hypocrites, anybody of common sense would look at those bloody idiots, as a racket worse than mafia, ‘the worse racket of crime ever existed on earth.’

There won’t be human dignity until the last brick of the last church falls on the head of the last priest. The only day in which justice will be served, is the one in which ‘nobody’ may believe religions any longer.

At the next action, we may see what is this all about, certainly there are more paying targets than a comic newspaper, such as ‘crusades central’ in washington dc, at the christian mafia headquarters, or in rome at the catholic mafia headquarters, AKA the vatican octopus dei, or maybe in russia, at the rasputins central there.

The attack confirms that isis does not fight the enemy religions, but is only looking for propaganda actions, at the bottom line the islamic terrorists are ‘accomplices’ of the christian and catholic terrorists, their (all religions) agendas are (holy wars) destroying modern societies to re-establish clergy mafia theocracies, the egyptian have it right, bullets is the only answer for paranoid religion mafias.

And if the attack ‘predicted’ at the vatican, is ‘towards the pope’ (there are more catholic and christians to want him dead than islamics,) instead than towards the vatican mafia, it could emerge the suspect that the puppet-masters moving the ropes of isis puppets, are the same ‘new world order’ christo-nazis pigs, (aka wall street vati-nazi christo-nazi banksters mafia and international accomplices,) moving the islamics as puppets.

It was just a cartoon, why did they not blew up the church of the pastor in florida that burns korans ? Maybe they are all puppets ? and accomplices ? Maybe the ‘new world order’ ‘is really’ a plan to establish one world government of nazi-banking usury religion ?

Will see the next target, one may be a coincidence, but two becomes a certainty, if the target is ‘again’ enemies of catholicism and christianity, then there are ‘factual’ reasons to smell a rat. The christian filth and the catholic filth had all the reasons for an attack ‘with plausible denial,’ to charlie, the same as the others, so let’s look at the scales of gray to understand ‘the new world order’ agenda of deception.

One thing ‘interesting’ in our ‘interesting times,’ would be to figure out if the world societies lead by scumbag clergy churches, usury pigs banksters, and grand preachers of the religion of predation, of economic quackery, which make/cause 57 millions dead a year to perpetuate their stupidity and mafia, the same ‘architects’ of holocausts and genocides, are or not more ‘terrorists’ than those poor lone wolves who think they can change something with actions against ‘powerless’ puppets, ‘like them.’

The picture should point either to ‘deception,’ or naive-ness, in the rational minds.

If the prophet issa encouraged to seek the truth (notice, not the books, the cartoons, the banks, the economy, the clergy,) maybe the basics are more explanatory than all the ‘establishments’ self-referent explanations.


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