Why Italy will Not Make It (part 3, scroll back to read the parts 1 and 2)

Why Italy will Not Make It (part 3, scroll back to read the parts 1 and 2)

Well, the road to hell is paved of good intentions, and changing everything in order not to change anything, is the ‘perfect strategy’ of mafio-catholicism, they have done so insulting our intelligence for two thousand years, damn romans that ran out of lions.

Your problems, (not necessarily in order of appearance:)

1) A quackery of parody of a religion, managed like a mafia racket, that has ‘fucked up’ the brains of people in ‘believing’ unreasonable and stupid idiocy, no grown up person would believe in, IOW ‘indoctrination in catholic moronic unsubstantiated idiocy, trough corrupted parody of an education system.’

2) A constitution article 7 written by a ‘treasonist’ catholic mafia scumbag (I don’t know who it may be, but that does not change the ‘facts,’ only a catholic-mafioso scumbag could write something like that.) The result of which makes this poor country of yours into:

a) A third world pasdaran catholic mafia talebanate with no guarantees of (any rational) law, and with dictatorial standards, including crimes against humanity in its prison-justice system, meant to ‘suppress’ freedom of speech and dissent to cato-marxist mafia, besides ‘hiding under the carpet’ the ‘crimes against humanity’ of a filthy parody of a state international criminal racket, state of crooks, pimps, genocides and pedophiles, AKA the vatican merde fake state and fake religion crime racket cartel.

b) A ‘fake democracy’ and ‘fake republic’ in which the decisional power is in the pocket of the mafia boss of the vatican and his cardinals and priests mafia thugs, in other words, the only elective monarchy of mafia in the world, ‘transvestite’ as a republic (IOW limited sovereignty under the mafia pedophile genocide bank fraudsters state of the popes kings.)

c) A consequent corrupted and useless parody of state institutions which, with the exception of the presidency (that may in this election itself, be taken over by the same mafia catholicism of the octopus dei,) and defense-justice, are ‘not’ public service agencies, but just placement for chair warmers clientele position of the cato-marxist quackery racket under the mafia of the popes kings and the church of genocide pedophiles.

3) The consequences of ‘quackery elected at law ranking’ and ‘quackery elected at governance ranking,’ are, pretty much:

d) Absence of mobility of criminals and parasites (IOW your system trends to reach stability into the pyramids of maximum public incompetence, since nobody useless is ‘ever’ kicked out.)

e) National policy determined upon the base of ‘not proved idiocy and quackery,’ unwarranted myths (such as dogma superstition of ‘traditions and uses’ of ignorant stone age chicken brains, victim less administrative issues promoted to ‘crimes’ on the base of religion lunatic psychotic and mafia interests, unlimited population quackery, unlimited procreation quackery, unlimited immigration agendas of bigotry do goodism, unlimited growth voodoo of classic economics quackery, and other idiocies,) unwarranted ‘assumptions’ that democratic process can override ‘reality,’ and that superstition (invisible hands, invisible friends in the skies, ‘monetary ponzi efficiency,’) have actual decisional relevant significant value (which obviously do not.)

f) Absence of a simple, objective, effective analysis of solutions to problems of ‘arithmetics, population and energy,’ because ‘not convenient’ to be looked upon, in order not to hurt the susceptibility of the not negotiable and meritable mafias of religions, syndacates rackets, political parties rackets, public chairwarmers parasites of useless institution rackets, banking mafias rackets, baronal rackets, mandarins pensions milking rackets, and so on.

g) Abuse of society based upon psychotic bigotry of religions superstition, (catholicism, christianity, marxism, classic economics, all the same, all superstitions based on unproven dogma,) in which science method, ‘truth’ and legality theory of torts are ‘marginalized’ in very few efficient institutions, and process politics of pre determined caste goals override political process, few agencies which in the next decade will most likelly dissolve into mafia parassitism at image of the ruin of the rest of the country. ‘Vae victis,’ or the blood of the losers, in pansa fashon.

4) The lack of willingness of the ‘intellighentsia’ (or better, lack thereof,) of the nation, of subtracting itself to this theocracy mafia racket of puppetmasters religion pedophiles, genocides, bank ponzi mobsters, pimps, IOW cathocicism racket, ‘expelling’ catholics, marxists, economics and other unwarranted dogma clowns, ‘out of the public system,’ to bring back sovereignity from the mafia nest across the river, to italy.

Your solutions:

5) Bomb the vatican to ruins, execute all catholic, marxists, economics barons, banks jerarchy, or:

6) Regroup on the mountains, in the wild, organize asimetric warfare with plausible denial, against catholic institutions, (and all other organization and mandarins treasonists supporting ‘foreign’ interests,) attacking and destroying the related prodution income generating facilities

7) Go to the third world, and live there in continuous war thereafter, from stone age brains, you only can get stone age results, everybody else will run away, obviously, your brain drain will be ‘unstoppable,’ very soon, your ranking in world position is going to be pretty soon at african standards, but hey, if you are happy on your kees blowing your church pedophiles, your call, hallelujah.

Now do what thou wilth, if your purpose is to be cave men, well, ‘your problem.’


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