E-cigarettes (but not tobacco cigarettes) found safe for coronary circulation

E-cigarettes (but not tobacco cigarettes) found safe for coronary circulation

Well, most often the most simple explanation is the one closer to reality, the ‘proved facts’ so far are:

1) Less percentage assorbtion of nicotine required with vapor devices
2) Absence of thousand of garbage components residuals of combustion
3) Minor pollution, since is not necessary to keep a fire running, operation on demand

Now with time and studies, the additives may be regulated, if we really want to do something constructive, to the least toxic components possible, but again here the ‘facts’ are:

4) The poweful ‘christian nazi mafia’ wall street vatican driven nicotinoids lobby (monsanto, sygenta, bayer,) the usual genocides at the service of genocide pedophile ‘religions’ and other banking godly mafia rackets, has ‘an interest’ in the matter of crashing the demand for nicotine and tobacco, so that they can profit on the lower cost of production for their products of mass extermination.
5) This explains the ‘fact’ that smoking cessation remedies (gums, patches) have been overregulated and overpenalized with the hidden purpose of keeping feeding the usual wall street vatican driven banking godly mafia racket.

My take on the issue is very simple, we may stop smoking when wall street and the vatican do, (together with their ‘investments’ in nicotinoids poisonous nazi-christo style mass extermination companies of crooks genocides like them,) with a last white mushroom cloud ‘puff.’

The ‘facts’ again are, that vaporizers/e-cigarettes ‘and’ tobacco (without counting good catholic boy adolph style overtaxation,) cost ‘one fifth’ than the other smoking reduction/cessation methods (patches/gums,) in so, we clearly can see why the christian mafia wall street lobby is now ‘mobilizing’ to protect their ‘profits,’ including a zillion of useless smoke cessation ONG financed by the taxpayer, for the profits of the usual christian-pharma-private-medicine usury mafia (e.g. most of the owners of the rackets of private abortion clinics, were christians/catholics speculating, here is the same story.)

“I hope that smokers considering this method will read up on it themselves and ignore the unnecessarily cautious approach taken by ‘the authorities’ for their own corrupt or ignorant, unscientific reasons.”

And, as Dr Ross states above, (and Dr Farsalinos shows with his experimentation,) yes, very wise advice, many oncologists agree worldwide

Certainly if people reduce by themselves 99% of effects of smoking, and e-cigs seem to do that with four decades long smokers, ‘without having to go trough pain,’ all the ONG of scumbag in the business of milking the system ‘converting’ people from tobacco to jebus, and all the pharma distributer milking smokers and public budgets, get what they deserve, out of business.

I tried, for what is worth my experiment, as a lifetime smoker, ‘two’ days away from starting using a vaporizer, have smoked one pipe a day, ‘and’ I have done so because of ‘logistic’ issues (run out a battery, selected the wrong content of nicotine, used wrong technology for the time of the day.) When I’m finished with this experimentation, I’ll give you all the shopping list.

The ‘logistic’ issue is now solved, I have now ‘two’ batteries and ‘two chargers,’ the ‘wrong time / wrong technology,’ I’m working on, I have now a better technology vaporizer, and tomorrow morning I’ll test a lower nicotine dosage in a lower vapor vaporizer, for early morning or after-sleep.

The problem is that pipe and cigar smokers (converted from cigarettes,) have an (unconscious) issue of keeping an optimized burn/vapor temperature, in so, many (such as me,) may ‘unconsciously’ exaggerate in the first puffs in the morning, in the twilight between sleep and consciousness, with unwanted coughing like hell results.

My computations, indicate a consumption of 1 ml per day, so far at 36ml nicotine density, (way lower than the use of 18-20 grams of tobacco a day, average pipe smoker amount,) but tomorrow morning I’ll test the two types of vaporizers on the 18ml nicotine density, to reach a potential use of a lower dosage early morning and after sleep (using a dedicated tank, for now I have three of them.)

As far as health effect, is ‘immediately’ visible, I breathe better, I don’t hardly cough at all (except for the morning fix, working on that,) and I have even felt less chest and spleen discomfort, better appreciation of taste of foods, and more clear reasoning and speech.

As far as it looks for now, would advise medical insurances to give e-devices free to their smokers patients, (the cheapest ‘nice’ ones, are $19 per kit, with charger, the better tanks without wick, are $17 a piece, plus $10 battery,) the conversion is (at difference than patches and gums,) pretty much instant, supposed the operator has a functioning brain, and the elimination of 7000 or so additionally toxic components in smog, justifies the investment.

‘Experience’ is the best possible validation, as a smoker of about 45 years, I can confirm a switch with zero suffering, ‘instant,’ with pretty much all beneficial effects, and absolutely no craving of tobacco. News about the light morning dosage, in about 12 hours.

Updated news, now over 24 hours without touching my regular tobacco pipe, solved the morning issue, two ways possible, either half nicotine fluid in the cheaper vaporizer model (wick based,) ‘or’ same type of fluid in a more expensive, different technology tank (e.g. mini protank,) ‘both ways,’ no cough at all even after waking up (hard to do even with the pipe.)

A ‘must have’ for a smoker with a brain. The faster you switch and the better you should feel (given you know how to use it.) Shopping list:

a) cheapest option, two cheap kits ($19 each) tank with wick, and two grades of nicotine 10 ml bottles, (for former heavy smokers, 36mg for afternoon, and 18 mg for morning, $ 12 for both,) total $50, for about 20 days of use estimated.

b) more expensive option, two cheap kits ($19 each) tank with wick, (this is still a necessary option, gives you ‘two’ batteries element and ‘two’ chargers, for car and home,) plus one $17 mini protank, gives you a set of loaded cartridges and spare battery to run all day, with $14 of 36mg fluid, (protank in the morning, and cheaper wick tanks during the day,) again, ‘no cough at all either ways, total $69, for same about 20 days of use estimated.

Not bad, ‘even cheaper than pipe tobacco.’ Average life e-cigs batteries about 1 year, replacement cost about $10 each. Switching to e-cigs could have ‘huge’ health costs savings for a country, worth to try it. The chinese engineer who invented this, is a genious.

Further update, fifth day, not touched tobacco for the last four days, I’m using more 18mg than predicted, so at worse, may just mix a bottle of zero with one of 36mg, and make 18, like my friend flying banker used to do with avio fuel and regular to make premium.

Anyhow now I’m smoking steam. In the mean time, I’m still waiting for the vatican to stop smoking, it will help definitively ‘their’ (mental) health. 😉

Now, after reading an article about hope, I want to give a bit of philosophical explanation of this choice of switching over to smoking a vaporizer.

First of all, there is no interest at all from my part of ‘avoiding cancer,’ actually cancer would be a blessing at this time, I don’t over-value any longer a life being surrounded by this species of motherfucker pigs, called human race, a mafia racket of glorified morons with giant egos, following a (lack of) intelligentsia of giant ego mafia crooks, motherfucker, inbred, pedophiles, genocides, AKA banking shitfaces, AKA not negotiable brain optional churches pigs assholes, AKA arrogant imbeciles economist motherfucker inbred christo idiot thieves grand preachers of idiocies and unproved quackery, AKA barons mandarins of shitface catholic, marxist, econocrook usury, AKA political clowns of mafia merits, AKA news preachers of best possible world of crooks they sold their soul to, for the 20 dinars of the traitor. At the best there is an interest of avoiding my partner getting upset for the ashes all over the place.

In second instance, I have no intention of switching off of nicotine, nor stopping smoking, ‘something,’ vapor, fine for me, as long as has some nicotine in it. First I like the effects of nicotine, and I understand the implications and ‘agenda’ of the ‘new world order’ nazi christo genocide lobby of pigs propaganda of quackery, that for thirty years has brainwashed people about ‘not smoking,’ (hitler was doing the same, hitler was a good catholic boy pig genocide, friend of those same pigs churches assholes,) but pretends to ignore the fact that the ‘is time the shit vatican pedophile genocide mafia stops smoking.’ Forever, the fk*g assholes pigs.

Then, nicotine is my companion of daily activities, wakes me up when I’m kind like tired, calms me down when I have to hear the daily assholes quackery, I actually like nicotine effects, if nicotine kills me, well, at least I enjoyed it, even non smokers are not eternal, carpenters only resurrect in the fairy tales of crooks that abuse morons, the shitfaces of religions.

In the matters of crimes and pains, my line of thinking is that robespierre had it right, with robespierre solutions, there is no need of further cells renewal. Eventually they can be offered the option if they have rather be headless on their feet or their knees, paraphrasing the south american doctor.

And finally, back to the article, I don’t know what to do with hope, you can’t eat hope, it does not have anything intellectually stimulating to offer, is just useless brain masturbation, actually less pleasant than sexual satisfaction, I care less of piety do goodism for the weak minds and the challenged brains, I witnessed awake a surgery on myself, I have seen enough skeletons, I have done a lot more of very interesting things in my life, I just want realistic assessments based on hard science and facts, then I decide, I don’t need anybody’s hope brainwashing, I’m grown enough to understand death and dying, fuck hypocrite do goodism, to protect society from vendettas of its victims with ‘useless hope quackery,’ beware the truth. Caesar beware the ides of march.

If I get a good cancer, I’ll just enjoy it, until checking out instantly (let’s say in seven minutes of consciousness in the tunnel,) when the pain is too much, sorry, no surgeries or chemio for me, don’t need any butchers work, I just need to count on the calendar the available days and adjust a couple of things, before checking out.

Still think that out of smith options, controlled suicide is the best, being able to choose, and my directive requests and gives people I trust the power of attorney of pulling the plug, if I’m not able to choose.

As churchill stated, eventually americans always make the right decisions, after having exhausted all the other options and possibilities.


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