Insane Ways Animals Changed the Course of Humanity

Insane Ways Animals Changed the Course of Humanity

Well, you see, is not god, stupid, is ‘dog.’ And the astronomers, in their ancient and more modern wisdom, born out of the contemplation of how small and useless we humans are in relation to the magnificence of the universe, knew it all along, that probably explains why the birth of our system, the creation, is associated with the little dog, procyon, in our journey at velocities inconceivable for our technologies, towards the constellation of the twins, AKA gemini.

OTOH, is not true that the Neanderthals disappeared, they are in a percentage in each one of us, we are all in a small percent Neanderthal, because at some point in the process, it kicks in the ‘matrilinear’ strategy of reproduction, more fit for small numbers, to transmit essential genetics, that’s how today most of americans, whether they recognize it or not, are mixed with native american indians, ‘vae victis’ applies mostly to males, but since the same males will fuck anything, (in fact in africa somewhere, they even fuck holes in the ground,) biology, in it’s quite superior functioning, ensures and assures the most relevant tracts are merging in the cauldron of a new horde.

Anyhow, back to dog, always more useful to humans than god, in the history of the human species, shia approach is looking at them as dirty animals, which they are, but hey, if they were not dirty, they would have not helped humans to hunt, and eating human garbage, helped humans to ‘avoid’ to be hunted (is handy to have a friend burying our traces, or eating them, dogs are still much more sensitive to ‘other animals hunting’ than we humans are,) cats are too, but are more picky, and don’t/can’t eat all the mountains of garbage we humans specialized on producing.

OTOH, the shia are in a certain percentage right, you don’t really need to fuck a dog, as many in the christian states in the bible belt probably do, because the states of christian taleban, mainly south east, are the only ones in america, where bestiality, eg sex with animals, is still legal, OTOH again, in the process, let’s forget about some middle east and southern europe practices of fucking sheeps. 😉

Anyhow, here an interesting blog of a basque kid, not bad for a 15yo (or two,) global warming, well, the simple answer most of times is most probably the right one, however the problem we are facing is ‘resistance’ from the ‘lobbies of ignorance,’ the ones that look backward instead than forward, to obsolete dogma quackery, such as the ‘monetary in-efficiency’ of the sumerian, a population of ignorant primitives, and the speculative superstitious ‘social dis-order’ of the racket of the primitive men at the time of adoption of agriculture practices.

In the million years evolution timeline of species, appears tentatively evident that increase of brain mass, could be most likely the ‘driver’ of biological intellectual evolution, now since the time of invention of the greatest fraud in human history, ‘religion,’ born when the first crook met the first idiot, we are witnessing actually a ‘decrease’ of mass of human brains, which should tell us that about 10k years ago, we took the wrong branch on the reverse evolution tree, and also that ‘religion’ AKA ‘cult of death,’ will take us exactly where the ‘cult,’ ‘superstition,’ ‘idiocy’ is pointing to, AKA ‘assured death,’ also well expressed as ‘collective suicide,’ obvious result of twisted, unscientific, superstitious, idiotic ‘religious organized racket,’ AKA ‘clergy mafia,’ way of (not) thinking, for self-referent convenience.

Now as the grand mughul Akbar stated, if faith would have been enough, there would have been no need of prophets at all, in so, maybe (we all) should give a bit more of credit to the prophets examples, and much less credit to the ‘institutions’ (intellectually politically correct word for ‘clergy mafias,’) since messages of mercifulness, truth, freedom, cooperation, harmony with nature, pleasure, are universal and agreeable even bejond the social concept of life, into the ‘factual’ evidence of science and formal proof. Who are we little ants humans, in comparison of the magnificence of the universe, in it’s complexity and simplicity manifestations from the sub atomic scale all the way up to multiverse manifolds ?

Clergy lunatic psychotic speculation ?, invisible friends in the skies forgiving quackery ‘sins ?,’ invisible hands distributing salamis ?, please, who needs the circus show of those charlatans ?

Well, enough for today, have fun, and to the basque kid, fix that questionnaire, you have a number of disputable answers in there.

😉 But I love your html. 😉


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