Society as Protection Racket

Society as Protection Racket

Well, he has it half right, except that historically religions don’t duplicate state rackets, is the other way around, states are an evolution of theocracies, in so are much less demanding than religion pigs perverts genocides, IOW, a ‘state of law’ follows historically a shit theocracy (or a shit theocracy dressed as democracy filth of tyranny of religion chicken brain assholes, we have plenty of examples, planetwide,) even if in a phase of ‘population bomb terrorism,’ ran by chickenbrains byproduct of religion idiocy, chickenbrains democracies, tend to transform themselves into theocracies when the ‘tyranny of majority of religion chickenbrains,’ is permitted to prolipherate.

This is the case in which the neo-cons liberalism (nazi-christo ponzi monetary skim economy,) adds (doubles) to the milking of the organized pedophiles genocides mafias, AKA religions. In second instance the problems of ‘neoliberalism,’ a glorified name for neo-cons christo-nazi usury and ponzi fractional mafia, is ‘all in one point,’ AKA ‘currency ponzi fraud,’ you overcome the ponzi usury-fractional christo-mafia racket with sound exchange metrics, AKA ‘energy,’ and ‘puff’ all their (not the liberal libertarian pure market concept, but the ‘neo-cons’ christo-nazi ponzi monetary skim) castle of cards, of economic quackery, christian socialism quackery, judean-marxist quackery, chicken brains democracy quackery, ‘vaporize,’ ‘self combust.’

The whole skim is based on ‘dogma,’ ‘ponzi IOU fraud,’ there is no such thing as ‘monetary efficiency,’ no such thing as ‘sustainable growth,’ as well as no invisible hands and friends in the skies forgiving sins, all ‘fantasy creation’ of crooks to enslave morons. The left has no ultimate intent of eliminating the protection racket, the marxist left is another religion socialism just like the christian/catholic mafia pigly godly socialism of the right-center, what he calls the racket (defense/justice,) is probably the last useful institution in a state, which remains indispensable in order to avoid ‘tragedy of the commons’ phenomena, the others all parasites, even if allegedly merit able.

The ‘real problem’ is between the ‘quackery efficiency’ or lack thereof of ‘dogma,’ and the ‘real thermodynamic efficiency’ of science. Between the two there is the same difference between middle age absolute monarchies, based on population control trough wars, bigotry, and famine, and the illuminism of the industrial revolution, except that now, the rigged ponzi money system, the chickenbrains democracy tyranny of the ignorant, the quackery of the economic fraud ponzi church of idiocies, is the ‘primitive’ world of fraudsters, ‘modernity’ is ‘thermodynamic efficiency,’ IOW energy metrics of accounting, and ‘technocracy of science,’ IOW supremacy of ‘authority of facts,’ over ‘authority of mafia,’ (AKA morals, traditions, religions, and all other pigs.)

The ‘goal’ is liberty of choices ‘within what is scientifically provable,’ and equality of natural rights, ‘within what is not collectively damaging.’ (AKA no ‘moral’ victim less ‘pseudo-crimes,’ no ‘damaging’ actions ‘not considered crimes,’ and no ‘unlimited procreation’ idiocies.)

And since we are looking here at ‘coherence,’ today confused article here, shows that the problem of that country, (italy for the ones that don’t recognize the language,) is that their society has brainwashed those poor people so much, that they all lost any reference to reality, and live in ‘lala land,’ of catholic do gooders mafia rackets psychotic merit not negotiable constructs, belonging more in the fantasy land of toxic religious mind altering stages, than plain basic logic.

Adding to that classic economics obsolete religion quackery, marxism socialist utopia quackery, chickenbrains democracy quackery of tyranny of majority catholic pedophile genocide mafia cult satanic apostasy, and monetary christo-nazi-mafia ponzi skims, it appears undoubtful that the italian direction of ‘quaquaraqua’ to use the expression of a know neapolitan prince, is the third world caliphate of dogooders merit able not negotiable catholic mafia.

If the teachers in their schools were not byproducts of ponzi skim monetary quackery, catholic quackery, marxist quackery, that would be another place on earth, as it stands, (as usual) the artwork describes the architects. The problem of your italiotic state there, is the state itself, keep the president, the military, and the courts, and send everybody else home, that’s your only option, to remain in the modern world, otherwise, join the pasdarans like you, and don’t complain, enjoy the third world, hallelujah.

And here, there is another ‘interesting one,’ well, looks all clear, ‘new world order’ and bieldberg ‘associated,’ wall street christo-nazi-mafia, GOP, and the usual ‘octopus dei,’ member owner of the federal reserve system, practically, plus two countries now ‘puppets’ of the christian mafia, germany of the reichskonkordat, italy of the lateran pacts, and you are surprised the scumbags of the octopus dei, AKA mafia of god (pig,) are not pulling a fast one, for the glory of their banks mafias of god (pig,) and all their not negotiable merits ?, hallelujah.

Damn romans that ran out of lions.

But their problem there is to support the ‘unlimited procreation’ agenda of their shit religion of pedophiles, genocides and pimps and mafia ponzi skimmers, only place on earth where a mafia of pedophiles genocides is protected by a constitution, besides other third world theocracies, aka talebanates.

Under the vatican mafia satan central, you are done folks, ‘perpetual’ third world, with no appeal, you are finished with civilization, go back to the stone age, where the catholic ignorant mafia belongs to, hallelujah.


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