Young people ‘more interested in pensions than their elders’

Young people ‘more interested in pensions than their elders’

Well, they should be, now that is clear ‘in the whole western ponzi economy’ of pedophile genocide christian and banking mafia that the most significant factor for ‘promotion of politicians’ to higher chairs is ‘the legalized embezzlement of people pension funds,’ fraud perpetuated in accordance with the known plan ‘of religious-banking cabals driven mass extermination’ called ‘new world order,’ in the western parodies of democracies, which are in reality ‘dictatorship of majorities,’ lead by mafia cabals.

The baby boomer generation, and partially the X generation, have been ‘defrauded’ by this shit-face category of western pieces of shit inbred politician, banksters, and clergy assholes, in so is too late for us victims of the predation of the current western shitface cabal, we have no choice than die in poverty, disease and eventually suicide, if not extermination in the new nazi standard oil IG farben camps, the FEMA extermination camps, blessed by the fucking countries under a pig god like them and those good women of their mothers.

OTOH, we baby boomer really care less, is too late for us, we have learned as children to survive on a shoe string, we have been at the best a generation of naive dreamers, used by all for their shitty miserable profits and pockets, and at the worse a generation of pirates dreamers, that can leave anytime for anywhere, do anything, open a zillion projects and realize none, as long as surrounded by the rubber wall of shit religion, shit usury, shit political mafia, shit-face baronal ignorant arrogance, in so our generation only motivation, is to see wiped out all those parasites, in order to ‘remove the obstacles to civilization,’ We came a bit too early, we are surrounded by morons that still believe in idiocies and quackeries, but we know that ‘they’ will go, ‘the evidence of facts will surpass all quackery at the end.’

As a consolation, we are at the least glad ‘we will die with our eyes open,’ ‘free,’ and ‘knowing the truth,’ whatever the cost is, at the contrary of the poor idiots that have believed and have sold their souls to this castes of ignorant arrogant motherfucking pieces of shit inbred incompetent criminal cretins, the barons of not negotiable merit, the ‘architects’ of suburbia, peak oil, ‘planed destruction of the planet,’ and much more other total crap, generations of ‘filthy traitors pigs,’ miserable leeches parasites arrogant assholes that ‘must be wiped out from the face of the planet,’ for the sake of survival of the whole human species.

But the Y generation, on the start now, (and also the younger of the X generation that still have a brain,) should realize that their generations will never be able to put together enough contribution years to retire, with the ponzi skim of western social security of politicians, pedophiles religions and and bankster crooks, the racket of merit able mafia that steals from people in order to enrich the same religion genocide pedophiles cabals, banking predation genocide cabals, and useless bureaucrats of criminal governments, basing their powers on mafia merits, with the only shit fake merit, of robbing the people and destroying countries to fill their pockets, IOW with the pieces of shit, all the funds given to social securities are thrown practically in the garbage, to pay for 25 golden pensions of mandarins with dubious morals mothers.

And is not with christian mafia banking usury ponzi skims that they may be able to guarantee a bit of future for sickness and aging times, it is now clear that religions, politics, and banking, ‘are the worse criminal rackets of western societies,’ worse mafias in the planet. So the ‘alternatives’ need to be explored, and since retirement planning is in essence logistics and stores, probably the best way is ‘not to have any taxable income,’ IOWs ‘investing’ ‘all the disposable income’ bypassing banking mafias (and churches and political mafias,) into non attachable property and stores (here is important to chose wisely the country where to act in this plan.) Touch the mandarins in their pockets, cut with the scalpel the umbilical cords of corrupted mafia institutions that feed their legalized extortion racket.

Essentially survival requires:

1) Clean waters, sanitation, energy, on your own wells and generation/processing systems, not to pay skims to utilities mafias

2) ‘Nutritional’ foods, not to buy OGM food designed to kill you

3) Sufficiently secluded land, hard to reach by the servant of the shit political, banking and clergy rackets mafias

4) ‘Commonal’ life, a set of basic poli-oriented shared values, a difficult task for most morons indoctrinated in christian and economics idiocy nonsense, but that is why they brain wash you in the first place, to fuck your brains up, so learn to ‘detach’ yourself from the collection of garbage of christianity and economics quackeries, political and baronal indoctrination mafia racket, et al other vultures leeches worms.

5) Community infrastructure for the scavengers age, logistics, logistics, and logistics again, ‘war socialism,’ to distinguish it from the quackery of christian and marxist useless mafia socialism.

6) Firepower to keep the above pieces of shit far from you, this includes enough air power, silkworm style, knowledge on making and handling explosives, and locations in hobbit houses under ground and caverns under mountains. It is more important other than learning hobby style survivalist skills, more fit for evasion and short term recovery, to know ‘all’ the basics and practices of ‘asymmetric warfare.’

And is all attainable, and ‘most of all,’ all non-dependent from the circus of predatory christian banking mafia usury predatory pieces of shit that rule today’s west. Be prepared for the big crash, let the assholes eat each other when their ponzi skim is gone, not any longer a matter of if but only of when. Hopefully may be slow enough to get this plan going, maximum two years, and fast enough to quarter all those cabal of bitches and feed them to the pigs like them, and don’t forget their chopped head on a stick on the side of the roads, so the people can spit on their shit faces.

Instead than putting money in the ponzi skim of the 25 golden pensions, and the pimps racket at the vatican, and similar, prepare your ‘war sites’ under mountains, spend there, for your generation, ‘surviving readiness’ and ‘self sufficiency’ is the best pension plan. Is later than you all think, the time to act is ‘yesterday.’ Nobody will save you, the one that will save you is in front of yourself in the mirror, ‘you.’

Those generations of assholes that created all this, ‘will’ be judged as the ‘worse shit-faces ever ruling earth,’ no doubt, but we would only like as a last desire to see them all ‘executed,’ before we check out, while they can only hope to die of natural death before being quartered and decapitated. Start breeding horses and pigs, name all your pigs ‘meritable,’ ‘god,’ ‘monetary efficiency,’ ‘invisible hand,’ ‘human capital,’ ‘not negotiable,’ ‘democracy,’ ‘marxism,’ ‘catholic,’ ‘austrian economics,’ ‘vatican,’ ‘opus dei,’ and if you run out of names, use all the real names of the real pigs there, they know who they are, and also, sharpen your katanas, for when is time to chop their heads off, ‘on their knees,’ that is the position they like. Oh, I forgot the crucifixes, build some big ones, to crucifix the ones that want more crucifixes, and adopt a lion if you can.

Now go in war. Amun (ra.)


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