Why Italy (as well as the other PIIGS) Will Not Make It

Why Italy Will Not Make It

Let’s for a minute, reason by correlation, as most of the (discredited) religion of economics does everyday, notice the following:

1) ‘Please make a note:’ PIIGS nations are ‘all’ catholic, and ‘all’ bankrupt, ‘what a coincidence.’ Certainly no surprise, when we go dig a bit deeper in the catholic religion of pedophiles, genocides, common criminals, pimps racket, banking godly mafioso, cult of terrorism and world subversion, ‘a religion of pigs parasites with no decency,’ although not negotiable, and some say of merit as well.

This is ‘in reality’ the ‘not negotiable’ ‘merit’ of catholic mafia shit, and other religion shit like marxism, transform countries into cows to milk by the mafioso appointed by their racket. The sicilian mafia are hobbyists compared to the meritable not negotiable.

2) The ‘debt trap spiral’ has been known at the least since 2008, nevertheless economic and political bozos are only concerned about protecting their unwarranted merits and not negotiable milking of the republic, the situation was known ‘since’ 2008, 2009, 2010, (when the us sneezes, europe gets pneumonia,) then more clear when (against all unwarranted optimism of the italiot politiotic, clericiotic, and econodiotic class,) it started happening: 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2013, and finally now.

But the motherfuckers can not cut spending in their zillion of useless public crap chair warmers idiocies, all protected by idiotic laws based on celestial fabrication, and do goodism of imbecile crooks.

The ‘christians,’ as well will not make it, they will collapse too, but a decade or two later, after the bankruptcy of the catholics, because only nations of imbeciles can base public budgets on privileges and bullshit quackery of religion rackets of parasites, and hope not to go bankrupt in the process.

In the fractional banking mafia ponzi skim, the marxist went first, then will go the socialist catholic mafia, then the capitalist christian mafia, and finally the ‘economic religion’ mafia. The bankruptcy of the third religion, ‘economics quackery,’ will just follow.

The process can only stop when people will find more convenient surrendering to technocracy of science, and logistics, than continue to believe in idiocies as democracy, politics, religions (marxism and economics included,) ‘as simple,’ too bad that to get there it will take four billion dead. But to the idiots that have ‘faith’ in quackery, invisible hands and friends in the skies, that is their fully ‘deserved’ destiny. Until nobody may believe any more those mafias (democracy, politics, economics, religions,) hallelujah.


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