Why Italy (as well as the other PIIGS) Will Not Make It (part 2)

Infographics – Depts of US, GIIPS and more

Now, maybe we would, if we were reasonable, (or not crooks, like the banksters religion mafia,) look at ‘root causes,’ wouldn’t we ?

‘Quackery unlimited growth,’ and corresponding ‘population bomb’ of the genocide pedophiles mafiosos, AKA ‘religions:’

‘Overshot’ of carrying capacity, and consequent effects on natural disasters, (AKA ‘acts of god,’) ‘and’ exhaustion of increased net energy output:

All this while the ‘clowns’ (AKA politicians, religious, banking, economics ‘mafia,’) keep preaching for ‘higher population, and more procreation. The motherfuckers, genocide, pedophiles, inbred, assholes, thieves, pieces of shit.

So this is what is happening (and no church clown, political clown, economic clown or any other charlatan can stop:)

So what are the people waiting for ? Is it not time to hang all those pieces of shit to light poles on the side of the road, with a sign attached to their neck, that reads: ‘pig parasite idiot,’ isn’t it ?

So why is not happening ? What is it ? Stupidity ? Fears ? What are you chicken brains afraid of ? ‘You can lose nothing, if you have nothing to lose.’ The pieces of shit have ‘everything to lose.’

‘Not only so,’ but the pieces of shit have a ‘new world order’ plan to exterminate you in an holocaust, as the pieces of shit have always done in history. So what are you all chicken brains waiting for ?

‘Debt trap spiral,’ you are going down, and ‘the pieces of shit’ keep robbing everything they can, ‘don’t go in the streets,’ go kill them ‘in their homes,’ one by one.

You are many, they are few, the only way you chicken brains lose, is ‘not doing anything,’ and let the christo-marxi-nazi-usury-mafia motherfuckers in power. ‘Exterminate them,’ cut them in pieces, feed the pigs like them.

Now go in war, amun, (ra.)


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