All’origine dell’antipolitica

All’origine dell’antipolitica

Politics racket is an illustrious victim of itself, as banking mafia and religion mafia. After the age of empires and absolute monarchies, where bankers, politicians, clergy, were massacred whenever they step on the toes of emperors and kings, now that ‘they’ get to rule, basically they are doing the same thing, but since their ‘excuse’ against empires was some sort of presumed injustice in being ruled by military force, the three crooks have to purchase their force among their accomplices of common criminality.

Politics is the art of selling ‘vapor concept,’ essentially idiocies, that don’t exist in reality. Religion is politics as well, economics is politics as well, all non-art and non-sciences at the same time, producing only parasitic milking of the cow, to satisfy their alleged unwarranted merits of grandness, in smaller scale all criminal rackets do the same, ndrangheta, vatican, mafia, same concept, ‘legalized or divine extortion,’ forgivance of sinners that sin for their cause, corruption, criminal minds, the pareto optimal 20% of crooks that take advantage of the 80% of morons.

Idiocies such as democracy, where only chicken brains can believe gravity will start working the way they voted it, idiocies as religions, where only brains full of shit may believe their fairy tale in the skies will multiply fishes and petroleum, idiocies as economic ponzi skims of money mechanics, where only retards may believe an invisible hand that multiplies salamis. All three ‘politics,’ no wander politics have zero credibility.

You see, anything can work in presence of exceptional people, the few ‘real’ saints (not the genocide popes and clergy saints, or the vatican mafia parody of a state and parody of a religion,) can even make some collection of crap like catholicism to look human and useful. The same, people like croce and einaudi, (not the christo nazi banksters, and the mafioso banksters of god,) can make economics (and politics) look like a legitimate activity. As it stands, the problem however remains unsolved.

The day the last brick of the last church falls on he head of the last priest, the day the mountain of IOU garbage vaporizes, and banking usury ponzi skimmers start jumping out of windows, the day the plutocracy of parasites (historical evolution of any democracy utopia,) causes a civil war and absence of state, and people may play football with politicians heads, you will see all where your adored (economic religion) accounting trick leads to:

“the day people may understand the money system, there will be a revolution” (henry ford)

Watch it, is one minute before twelve, ‘on planetary scale,’ for the whole human species. Be careful not to become all part of the football game.


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