lo Stato è il nemico

lo Stato è il nemico

Mostly true, but not true for all the components of a national state governance. The nature of governance, in thermodynamic terms, is ‘a sink,’ in so only the ‘inevitably necessary’ part of governance should exist, the one ‘needed to avoid the tragedy of the commons,’ (see orlov,) and to avoid the management of a country as a mafia racket (see croce state policeman,) essentially treasury, defense, justice, health, scientific research, and ‘minimal’ governance, all the rest of parasites, either privatized or fired.

OTOH the ones that generally preach against governance from their high political chairs of corrupted democracies of chicken brains, which have to support their party mafia politics of ‘self financing’ (nice parallel,) of election campaigns, (read tangentopolis, et al,) ‘obviously’ pursue such attacks to governments to ‘favor’ the other mafias of their sponsors, (in the case of Thatcher and Reagan, the christian mafia and the banking mafia or the neo-cons rackets parties.)

In so, their (neo-cons christian banking mafia ‘new world order’ predation agenda) ‘deregulation,’ has ‘produced’ all the financial disasters of the last four decades, (paid by the cow, for the benefits of the usual banking and religious inbred pigs,) has subtracted precious funds from ‘technological and scientific research,’ in so causing the decline of the western education system to the ground, ‘and’ has permitted the ‘financial predation’ of people assets, trough a ‘dictatorship of corporate arbitration,’ which is nothing else that a ‘bigotry usury based corporatism,’ (AKA christian usury fascism,) applied with the logic of their master pedophiles genocides of the octopus dei.

In so don sturzo was ‘one third’ right, because banking mafia and religion mafia, are even ‘worse’ than national states, in terms of magnitude of idiocy, inefficiency, quackery, and criminal (forgiven) attitude. His vatican of the popes kings, should have given him a good hint of where this method would take (supposed he may have been intellectually honest.) IOW the state is the problem, but corrupted political rackets, fractional money ponzi usury mafias and genocide pedophile religions are not the solutions, and actually are the problem, ‘at the square.’

The ‘real’ problems are:

1) Thermodynamic inefficiency of the economic religion and money ponzi skim

2) ‘Unlimited procreation’ of religious idiocy (marxism, catholicism, christianity, economic quackery capitalism)

All you need is elimination of usury, replacement of banks with treasury self-service computers, an exchange mean denominated in ‘energy,’ promotion of all the methods that permit population reduction (either in size or number, either mandatory cross breeding with dwarfs or with promotion of euthanasia, assisted suicide, abortion, birth control, mandatory sterilization, one child policy, homosexuality, polyandry, et cetera,) elimination of all laws that are based on ‘quackery’ and ‘superstition’ (such as victim less crimes, ‘moral’ idiocies, uses and traditions of chicken brains cave men, et cetera,) elimination of all laws that contradict ‘hard science,’ replacement of chair warmers bureaucracy with self-service computers, replacement of personal authority with authority based on ‘hard science,’ AKA ‘proved facts, that can be reproduced eternally,’ instead than superstition, merit leeching, chair warming, preaching of quackery.

Certainly priests, economists, politicians, syndicate parasites, public chair warmers, financial ponzi skimmers, would all be out of a job in such system, that explain why they lie every time they open their mouths.


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