L’accordo con gli USA farà perdere all’Europa 600mila posti di lavoro

L’accordo con gli USA farà perdere all’Europa 600mila posti di lavoro

It will, but will be as well result of the incompetence and the inefficiency of certain areas of europe (most likely the PIIGS will be the grand losers in this exchange.)

Now, the ‘agreement’ has some clear benefits for the consumers, (much lower prices, and parasites of small distribution out of business,) ‘but’ has built in some real skims, that we have seen at work in the US, ‘which also affect freedom itself:’

1) The restrictive US laws on DMCA, are ‘dual use’ and can be used to suppress science, information and freedom of speech, besides ‘milking the consumers,’ with useless continuous excessively restricted impedment of circulation of ‘culture’ which should remain ‘at the least’ accessible for free.

2) The US laws on OGM, are basically built to protect monsanto (and maybe bayer as well,) two companies that have ‘historical precedent’ of mass murder and crimes against humanity with ‘plausible denial.’

3) The US laws on pharmaceuticals and medicine, are basically built to protect wall street and other nazi kapo in the pyramids of christian-nazi amerika, eugenic ‘murder with plausible denial,’ that is the nazi christian american way to eliminate dissent (together with institutionalized eugenic racism, of religions and usury predatory mafias, and corrupted education of the carnegies and rockefeller.)

4) The ‘arbitration’ process will subtract rights of both consumers and labor, which will be transferred, basically, in corrupted and corruptible arbitration boards and individuals, IOW multinationals will be pretty much untouchable.

In your shoes, I would fix ‘first’ the idiotic bureaucracy there, and remove from the justice system the religion inspired idiocies, ‘then’ after that, I would do the agreement, excluding step 1) trough 4), that way the job losses get split among parasites, there and here in the US, 50/50, but hey, what do I know, I’m just an old monkey.

OTOH, with your justice system based on bigotry of (mafia rackets) religions and populist extortion syndicate quackery, merit of not negotiable parasites, political corrupted mafia, and useless middle age bureaucracy, there are benefits as well, to be honest, I have rather die here in the hands of the above pukes assholes, than kissing the ass of your assholes there, the pedophile genocide shit faces of the vatican mafia and their accomplices. Chose, bitches.


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