l’Hiroshima degli eco-catastrofisti

Nucleare, l’Hiroshima degli eco-catastrofisti

Well, apparently accountants not only crash airplanes, but get nuclear power-plants to melt as well. The choice of abandoning MSR was probably the worse, followed by the choice of building nice very visible targets, and building at sea level. Of the three, probably the third may kill the most people in absence of MAD result of BAU, caused by the first choice.

Now multiply for 500, and wish that water levels in this century may raise at one meter maximum, if not, which is highly possible, biblical tragedies may soon look as jokes, in comparison.

Anybody today that not considering small SMR MSR, built in industrial scale, is looking to go back into the stone age. And thorium, looks like the most available and cheapest avenue, and the only place not to make those boilers targets of today BBBs and floods, looks like caves high over sea levels, under mountains.

All the ‘intelligentsia’ made jokes of him, for eight decades, but ‘the facts are’ that Marion King Hubbert scenarios, to date, have not failed ‘one’ prediction. I have rather trust his predictions, than the easter bunny or the economics invisible addams family hand (or alcoholic anonymous and other holy hands.)


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