“Countless” dead birds reported in Pacific off US coast, nothing will eat the bodies

“Countless” dead birds reported in Pacific off US coast, nothing will eat the bodies

(from the article:) “The size of the bloom and the amount of time it has lasted in the ocean are already unprecedented… Scientists had previously believed that domoic acid was water soluble—meaning that it could be flushed out of the bodies of animals that ingested it, Kudela said. But researchers have since observed domoic acid building up in the tissues of fish… the toxin may be spreading to a wider array of marine life than they had previously thought was possible. “That really suggests that it is really going to work its way through the food web,” Kudela told CNBC… [Dan Ayres, a coastal shellfish lead biologist with the Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife] said that if ocean waters remain warm in future years—the effects could be severe and impact the whole ocean food web. “

A salomonian modern dictator could round up all the KKK nazi pedo-christian racist mafia of wall street, and force them to eat all of them. That way they understand first hands their quackery economics religion damages “effects of externalities.”


Billionaires David and Charles Koch have been handed the ability to buy our democracy in the form of giant checks to the House, Senate, and soon, possibly even the Presidenc

Billionaires David and Charles Koch have been handed the ability to buy our democracy in the form of giant checks to the House, Senate, and soon, possibly even the Presidency

Well, they are children of one of the great genocides of history, stalin, which obviously is behind their father success in the US. Obviously stalin was the ‘parody’ of that illuminism that sponsored the revolution of 1917, however the two seem to merge, satanic christianity in wall street, mother of nazi holocausts, merges with bolshevist satanic christianity in wall street, mother of bolshevists holocausts, and both ‘merge in the satan central of the architects,’ the satanic papate puppet master of genocides partner of christo-nazi wall street, which are christo-socialist bolshevists as well as christo-nazi, but either way masters of genocides, trough their good catholic boys.

When you take money from the cocks, think about where it was made.

They attack public school system, in so are not illuminists, they attack public universal care, in so they are not illuminists, and we know from history, the ones attacking illuminism are of a different breed than the US funding fathers, they are the ‘christian mafia‘ and the serfs of the first pigs of satan, the richest pigs in the world, the popes.

Now think for a minute, in europe you have your own cocks brothers, one or more in each country, the ones that at the same time are friends of mafia central, vatican nazi satanism, rasputin christian satanism, wall street ‘christian nazi’ family, the ones that sold your country to banking usury mafia and christian filth mafia, the slavemasters, the racists, the pedophiles, the genocides, do you want to be accomplices of those christo-nazi pigs ? your choice, if you have a dignity, morons.

The pedophiles, genocides, mysogyn, homophobic, racists, thieves, usury predators, scumbags, subversive traitors of nations, traitors of their constitutions, are taking power, this is ‘the new world order,’ an attempt of creating the fourth reich at planetary power, to impose their ‘triad’ (like the triads of hong kong,) religion of crooks, christianity, marxism, or ‘austrian’ christo-genocide economics quackery.

The corrupted education of ‘eugenic racism’ of the christian nazi-bolshevists mafia, aka the mafia education of the carnegies and rockefeller, at work to re-establish ‘slavery in america,’ under god obviously, that pig god brother of their mother of inbred. Their agenda is ‘clearly’ of ‘eugenic genocide,’ they (and the other eugenic genocides,) must be stopped, whatever it costs.

Italy’s Downward Spiral

Italy’s Downward Spiral

Well, the ‘new world order’ plan, is at the root of this depression, exactly the same way as the 29 depression was caused by speculation of the christo-banking mafia. At some point somebody started positioning themselves for profit in deflation, and ‘with treason,’ violating the unwritten pact of trust with the people, banks became mafia banking and religions became mafia religions, and the west failed, ‘again,’ like in 1929.

Now obviously italy, a country at limited sovereignty under a catholic mobsters syndicate cartel of the vatican genocide paedophile mafia usury predatory terrorist rogue state, devised as a ‘facade’ religion, but in reality, the worse criminal racket in history of humanity, obviously the bankruptcy has been caused by that 95% of catholics in power, AKA, mafia, ‘the real one,’ the one of the catholic clergy vatican racket, the catholic racket that has ‘divested’ the italian people to finance the octopus dei genocides and holy wars around the planet.

In so, italy is now again a geographic expression, which counts as much as nothing, because all the non-serfs of the vatican mafia have been victims of ‘holy mafia’ predation, and destroyed, if not murdered with plausible denial, by the ‘good’ catholic paedophile, usury genocide, mobsters, to which the satan pope, absolute monarch of a clergy institution of satanists (the vatican,) have forgiven sins in change of criminal secular work in favour of the same church mafia racket.

The next step will be probably another ‘man of the providence’ version 2.0, to increase furthermost the predation of the catholic mafia leadership over the nation, and over the poor people, people possibly of a breed of morons, people so stupid not to have to date hanged all catholic mafia clergy and catholic mafia supporters. In so, the people in italy, will get exactly what they deserve, for having believed in satanic catholicism, the few that understood, are gone, ‘forever,’ hallelujah.

God’s Racket: Why It’s High Time to Shut Down the Vatican Bank

God’s Racket: Why It’s High Time to Shut Down the Vatican Bank

Well, if they ask me, is time to shut down the whole vatican, the largest banking fraud cartel usury racket in the planet, the largest coverup link for genocide nazis protection, the bank and mafia racket parody of a religion, financing nazi coups and genocides all over the planet (octopus dei, see pinochet and videla,) the largest coverup link for pedophiles rings, all over the planet.

It is not a coincidence such bank was funded by ‘satan himself,’ AKA pius the XII, the ‘architect’ of the croatian genocide, the master of the recycled gold of the holocaust, and the ‘protector’ of all his christo-nazi murderers genocide pedophiles, trough the vatican rat lines.

When you hear those rackets of mafia clergy pedophiles protectors and architects, and genocide protectors and architects they call a religion talk, just imagine those are the hitler bosses of back then, now ready to exterminate you with another cato-genocide, they are the filth of humanity, sub-humans, an insult to human intelligence and dignity.

Catholicism is a racket that stinks of blood of murder, usury predation, fraud, mafia, pedophilia, genocide, they all should wear brown clothing, the color of shit, like them.

Catholicism should be dismantled under anti-racketeering laws, their clergy subject to the same treatment of al capone and other mafias, catholicism is not a religion, is a criminal organization, like the new york mafia and the triads of hong kong, in so they should not be afforded any religion constitutional protection, and not only so, ‘but’ since they are also genocide terrorists, IOW ‘worse,’ they should ‘also’ be dismantled, and if they are not negotiable, they should be bombed into ashes.

The Problem Isn’t Islam … It’s ALL Religious Fundamentalism

The Problem Isn’t Islam … It’s ALL Religious Fundamentalism

Well, too kind, the problem are ‘the criminal clergy institutions,’ and there is a very simple distinction whereas religion equates to genocide racket, the genocide events.’

In such light catholic and christian religions have ‘zero’ credibility, other have very low, relatively low, a bit low credibility, depends upon the ‘sum’ of crimes against humanity in their history, (explains why they burn books ?, they want to cancel the evidence of their mafia racket,) only a few, the ones not stained by genocide, are credible until proved otherwise.

Religions with history of genocide, can ‘and must’ be classified as mafia rackets, as international crime cartels, and as ‘architects’ of crimes against humanity.

Until the day the their judgement comes.

Cultural aspects of time and ageing

Cultural aspects of time and ageing

I was really looking to reference an article of wisdom, describing how our (western, bigot, stupid, predatory, based on idiotic not sustainable procreation competition, absurd) life, is the result of the mental failure and incompetence of our western leadership of brain-dead religious bigots empty heads, prime morons, chosen by the ‘democratic’ vote of chicken brains electing the first crooks, with the support of the moneys of the organized mafia, AKA ‘the money masters’ of the christo-banking racket.

But unfortunately, this collection of unwarranted mythology, offered to you by a government agency milking taxpayers dollars to brainwash them in democratic religious idiocies, seems the best available out there. Indoctrination by parasites on public payroll, a lot of ‘fried air’ the prince would say: ‘quaquaraqua,’ on taxpayers payroll, or was it tax payer ?, or better, sustained by taxpayer extortion, hallelujah. OTOH, nothing to be surprised, the shrinks are the gestapo of the mafia-religious usury-genocide western monetary usury tradition.

Let’s look, for a minute, outside of sophism, at ‘facts:’

Premises about genocide:
-Standard Oil IG Farben Aushwitz profits in the holocaust
-Christian/catholic churches mafias responsibility in the holocaust
-Christian/catholic churches mafias responsibility in the rat lines
-Catholic genocide in croatia
-Wall street nazi and vatican nazi ‘octopus dei’ golpe regimes:’
–videla -> genocide
–pinochet -> genocide
et cetera

First tentative conclusion:

“wall street and the vatican ‘are’ the nazi, hitler was just ‘their’ puppet”

Second tentative conclusion:

“the nazi won the second war, ‘and’ invented the cold war to rob the people of the west, europe and america, with their ‘christo-usury’ mafia”

Third conclusion:

“only a final nuclear war can wipe out the sources of evil, ‘religion banking mafias'”

Fourth conclusion:

Without russia, hitler would have won in europe, because that was the expected result the christo-banking mafia was after, christo-banking mafia who put hitler in power in the first place with the money of the vatican catholic mafia and wall street christian mafia.

Fifth conclusion:

FEMA extermination camps are the ‘final solution’ planned by the same people of back then, so the discussion on aging, is a waste of good air, we see everyday in the actions of the local and central government, a ‘systematic’ policy directed at suppressing the older with plausible denial.

The conclusions, to the wise. No other option than MAD, better dead than serfs of the christo-usury pedophile genocide mafia, the racket of usury pimps, mafia godly skimmers, pedophiles, and worse of all, architects of genocides, ‘amen.’

Valls : “Nous sommes dans une guerre contre le terrorisme”

Valls : "Nous sommes dans une guerre contre le terrorisme"

Well, wrong approach, ‘all’ organized religions are terrorist, pedophile, genocide, criminal rackets.

They are all in war with each other, but ‘ultimately’ the actions of all religions are leading to the same result, ‘enslaving people.’ The failure, is ‘admitting’ special rights for religions, wrong choice.

Cato-christians are hypocrites, anybody of common sense would look at those bloody idiots, as a racket worse than mafia, ‘the worse racket of crime ever existed on earth.’

There won’t be human dignity until the last brick of the last church falls on the head of the last priest. The only day in which justice will be served, is the one in which ‘nobody’ may believe religions any longer.

At the next action, we may see what is this all about, certainly there are more paying targets than a comic newspaper, such as ‘crusades central’ in washington dc, at the christian mafia headquarters, or in rome at the catholic mafia headquarters, AKA the vatican octopus dei, or maybe in russia, at the rasputins central there.

The attack confirms that isis does not fight the enemy religions, but is only looking for propaganda actions, at the bottom line the islamic terrorists are ‘accomplices’ of the christian and catholic terrorists, their (all religions) agendas are (holy wars) destroying modern societies to re-establish clergy mafia theocracies, the egyptian have it right, bullets is the only answer for paranoid religion mafias.

And if the attack ‘predicted’ at the vatican, is ‘towards the pope’ (there are more catholic and christians to want him dead than islamics,) instead than towards the vatican mafia, it could emerge the suspect that the puppet-masters moving the ropes of isis puppets, are the same ‘new world order’ christo-nazis pigs, (aka wall street vati-nazi christo-nazi banksters mafia and international accomplices,) moving the islamics as puppets.

It was just a cartoon, why did they not blew up the church of the pastor in florida that burns korans ? Maybe they are all puppets ? and accomplices ? Maybe the ‘new world order’ ‘is really’ a plan to establish one world government of nazi-banking usury religion ?

Will see the next target, one may be a coincidence, but two becomes a certainty, if the target is ‘again’ enemies of catholicism and christianity, then there are ‘factual’ reasons to smell a rat. The christian filth and the catholic filth had all the reasons for an attack ‘with plausible denial,’ to charlie, the same as the others, so let’s look at the scales of gray to understand ‘the new world order’ agenda of deception.

One thing ‘interesting’ in our ‘interesting times,’ would be to figure out if the world societies lead by scumbag clergy churches, usury pigs banksters, and grand preachers of the religion of predation, of economic quackery, which make/cause 57 millions dead a year to perpetuate their stupidity and mafia, the same ‘architects’ of holocausts and genocides, are or not more ‘terrorists’ than those poor lone wolves who think they can change something with actions against ‘powerless’ puppets, ‘like them.’

The picture should point either to ‘deception,’ or naive-ness, in the rational minds.

If the prophet issa encouraged to seek the truth (notice, not the books, the cartoons, the banks, the economy, the clergy,) maybe the basics are more explanatory than all the ‘establishments’ self-referent explanations.